Matt Murdock


Daredevil's life is a mix of joy and tragedy. The story of Matt Murdock began with his father. "Battlin'" Jack Murdock raised his son alone, claiming Matt's mother had died. Jack wanted his son to be more successful than him. He impressed upon Matt the need to constantly study instead of playing sports with other kids. Jack hoped that Matt would become a doctor or a lawyer instead of... read more

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Creator Marvel Comics
UniverseEarth-616 - Prime Marvel Universe
Full name Matthew Michael Murdock
Alter Egos Daredevil (FOX)Daredevil (FOX)Daredevil (MCU)Daredevil (MCU)
Daredevil (Venomized)
Aliases Matt, Jack Batlin, Kingpin of Crime, Laurent LeVasseur, Michael "Mike" Murdock, Scarlet Swashbuckler, Nameless One, Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, The Man Without Fear, The Guardian Devil, DD, Red, Hornhead, Cooper Peyton, Captain Universe
Place of birth Hell's Kitchen, New York City, New York
First appearance Daredevil #1 (April, 1964)
Alignment Good


Occupation Adventurer, vigilante, Attorney at Law
Base Hell's Kitchen, New York City, New York
Teams Leader: Ultimate Fantastic FourMember: DefendersAvenging HostNeo-KnightsMarvel KnightsThe SixS.W.O.R.D.Formerly: AvengersThe Hand
Relatives Jonathan "Battling Jack" Murdock (Father, deceased), Maggie Murdock (aka Sister Maggie, Mother), Milla Donovan (ex-wife)


Gender Male
Type / Race Human
Height 1.8 m • 5'11"
Weight 84 kg • 185lb
Eye color Blue
Hair color Red


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