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Anos Voldigoad

Anos Voldigoad

Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha


2,000 years ago, in his previous life, Anos was an orphan. Humans killed his mother while she was pregnant with him and he was born from her corpse. He said that it was something he could never forget. As the war between humans and demons raged on, Anos eventually grew tired of the constant fighting and decided that the only way peace could be achieved was by building walls between the four races, hoping they'd forget their grudge after a thousand years or so. Thus he formed an agreement with the Hero Kanon, Great Spirit Reno, and the God of Creation Militia and sacrificed himself to supply enough magic for the cause, saying that he would reincarnate after 2,000 years. read more

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Super Powers

AcausalityAccelerated DevelopmentAccelerated HealingAcid ResistantsAdaptationAfterimage CreationAgilityAnimationAttack ReflectionAudio AlterationAuraBanishBlood ManipulationBody PuppetryBullet TimeCausality ResistanceChain ManipulationChaos MagicChaos ManipulationClairvoyanceClairvoyance ResistanceCold ResistanceConceptual ManipulationCorruption ResistanceCosmic AwarenessCreationCurse ManipulationCurse ResistanceDamage BoostDamage ReductionDamage TransferalDanger SenseDark ArtsDark MagicDarkforce ManipulationDeath ManipulationDeath TouchDeconstructionDemon PhysiologyDexterityDimension StorageDimensional AwarenessDimensional TravelDream ManipulationDuplicationDurabilityElectrical TransportElectricity AbsorptionElectricity ResistanceElectro-Magnetism ManipulationElectrokinesisElement ControlEnduranceEnergy AbsorptionEnergy BlastsEnergy ManipulationEnergy ResistanceEnhanced ConditionEnhanced HearingEnhanced MemoryEnhanced SightEnhanced TouchExistence ErasureExistence Erasure ResistanceExplosion ManipulationExtrasensory PerceptionFear ManipulationFire ControlFire ResistanceFlightForce FieldsFusionHeat GenerationHeat ResistanceHellfire ResistanceHigher Dimensional ManipulationHoly ManipulationIllusion ResistanceIllusionsImmortalityImmortality NegationIndomitable WillInformation AnalysisIntangibilityIntelligenceInterstellar TravelInvisibilityInvulnerabilityLaw ManipulationLife ManipulationLight ControlLongevityMagicMagic AbsorptionMagic ResistanceMaster Martial ArtistMaster TacticianMatter ManipulationMemory ManipulationMind BlastMind ControlMind Control ResistanceMind TransferMolecular ManipulationNecromancyNon-Physical InteractionNothingness Aspect ManifestationOmnikinesisPain ManipulationPain SuppressionParalysisPhasingPhotographic ReflexesPhysics ManipulationPlasma ManipulationPocket DimensionsPortal CreationPossessionPossession ResistancePower Absorption ImmunityPower BestowalPower MimicryPower NullifierProbability ManipulationProjectionPsionic PowersRadiation ImmunityReactive EvolutionReactive Power LevelReality WarpingReality Warping ResistanceRegenerationRegeneration NegationResurrectionSealingSelf-SustenanceShockwaves GenerationSleep ManipulationSoul ResistanceSpace SurvivabilitySpatial AwarenessSpatial ManipulationStaminaStatistics AmplificationStatistics ReductionStatus Effect InducementSubjective RealitySummoningSuper SpeedSuper StrengthSupernatural ConditionTelekinesisTelepathyTelepathy ResistanceTeleportationTime ManipulationTime Manipulation ResistanceTime TravelToxin and Disease ResistanceUmbrakinesisUnholy ResistanceWater ControlWeapons MasterWind ControlWishingAcrobaticsAnti-GravityAttack NegationBerserk ModeBiokinesisCloth ManipulationCorruptionDisguise ResistanceDurability NegationElemental TransformationEmotional Power UpEnhanced SmellEnhanced TasteFate ResistanceFear InducementGravity ControlHair ManipulationHypnokinesisInstinctive ReactionJumpMarksmanshipMolecular CombustionMolecular OscillationMorality ManipulationOmnilingualismPlot Manipulation ResistancePower AbsorptionPower Mimicry ImmunityPower ModificationPressure PointsReflexesSoul ManipulationSurface ScalingSwordsmanshipTerrakinesisTransdualityTransmutation ImmunityVision - MicroscopicVision - NightVision - TelescopicVitakinesisAbstract ExistenceHoly ResistanceStealthUnderwater breathingVoid Manipulation


Creator Square Enix
UniverseMGNF - Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha
Full name
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Demon King of Tyranny, Demon King Anos, Founder, Misfit, Hero of the Unitary, The True Demon King
Place of birth
First appearance The Misfit of Demon King Academy: Episode 1
Alignment Good


Gender Male
Species // Type Demon
Height 180.3 cm • 5'11"
Weight 79.8 kg • 175.93 lbs
Eye color Red
Hair color Black


Occupation Demon King
Relatives Izabella (Mother), Gusta (Father), Celis Voldigoad (Father in his previous life), Luna Voldigoad (Mother in his previous life)
Teams No teams added.
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