Doctor Doom

Victor Von Doom


Victor von Doom was born a gypsy camp outside of Haasenstadt, Latveria. His parents died when he was very young. His mother, Cynthia, was killed due to a bargain with Mephisto gone wrong. After a noblewoman died despite his attempts to care for her, Werner von Doom and a young Victor fled on a cold winter night. Although Victor survived, his father did not. Doom sought t... read more

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Super Powers

Accelerated HealingAstral ProjectionAstral TravelBanishCold ResistanceDimensional TravelDream ManipulationDurabilityElement ControlEnergy BlastsEnergy ManipulationEnergy ResistanceEnhanced SensesFire ResistanceForce FieldsHackingHeat ResistanceHypnokinesisIllusionsIntelligenceInvisibilityInvulnerabilityMagicMagic ResistanceMaster Martial ArtistMemory ManipulationMind Control ResistanceNanotechnologyPeak Human ConditionPortal CreationPower AbsorptionPower AugmentationPower NullifierPower SensePreparationPsionic PowersSealingSoul ManipulationStaminaSummoningSuper SpeedSuper StrengthTechnopath/CyberpathTelekinesisTelepathyTelepathy ResistanceTeleportationTime TravelToxin and Disease ResistanceWeapon-based PowersAbsorptionAgilityAntimatter ManipulationAttack ReflectionAudio ControlCloakingCryokinesisElectrokinesisEnergy AbsorptionEnhanced HearingEnhanced SightFire ControlFlightGravity ControlHellfire ResistanceHoly ResistanceIndomitable WillInformation AnalysisInstinctive ReactionLight ControlMagnetismMatter ManipulationMind ControlNatural WeaponsParalysisPetrificationPower SuitPrecognitionProjectionRadiation ControlRadiation ImmunityReactive EvolutionReflexesTime ManipulationToxin and Disease ControlTransmutationVehicular MasteryWeapons MasterWeather ControlWillpower ManipulationAnti-GravityClairvoyanceCloningConceptual ManipulationCorruption ResistanceEnduranceExistence Erasure ResistanceExplosion ManipulationImmortalityOmnilingualismPerception ManipulationPhysics ManipulationPlot ManipulationPossessionPossession ResistancePower Absorption ImmunityPower BestowalReality WarpingRegenerationSelf-SustenanceSleep ManipulationSoul ResistanceTechnological PossessionTime Manipulation ResistanceVitakinesisWind Control


Creator Marvel Comics
UniverseEarth-616 - Prime Marvel Universe
Full name Victor Von Doom
Alter Egos All-Father DoomAll-Father Doom
Dictator Doom
Doctor Doom (2015)(FOX)Doctor Doom (2015)(FOX)
Doctor Doom (Cosmic Cube)
Doctor Doom (Earth -9997)
Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)Doctor Doom (Earth-14412)Doctor Doom (Infinity Gauntlet)Doctor Doom (Infinity Gauntlet)Doctor Doom (Life Force)Doctor Doom (Life Force)Doctor Doom (MAU)Doctor Doom (MAU)
Doctor Doom (MCOC)
Doctor Doom (Phoenix Force)Doctor Doom (Phoenix Force)Doctor Doom (Silver Surfer's Powers)(FOX)Doctor Doom (Silver Surfer's Powers)(FOX)Doctor Doom (Sorceror Supreme)Doctor Doom (Sorceror Supreme)Doctor Doom (Venomized)Doctor Doom (Venomized)
Doctor Doom 2099
Doom The Living Planet
God Emperor DoomGod Emperor DoomIron Man IIIron Man II
Old Man Doom
Aliases The Master, Invincible Man
Place of birth Haasenstadt, Latveria
First appearance Fantastic Four #5 (July 1962)
Alignment Bad


Occupation Monarch
Base Castle Doom, Doomstadt, Latveria
Teams Avenging HostFormerly: Future Foundation
Relatives Werner von Doom (father, deceased), Cynthia von Doom (mother, deceased); Kang the Conqueror, his counterparts, and offspring (alleged descendants), Kristoff Vernard (Doctor Doom II, adopted son), Dr Bob Doom (distant cousin), Boris (unofficially adoptive father/guardian), Valeria von Doom (daughter from alternate universe; became baby of Susan Richards and is now called Valeria Richards)


Gender Male
Species // Type Human
Height 200.7 cm • 6'7"
Weight 188.2 kg • 414.91 lbs
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown



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