Doctor Doom II

Kristoff Vernard



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Full name Kristoff Vernard
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Victor Von Doom, Dr Doom
Place of birth Doomstadt, Latveria
First appearance Fantastic Four #247 (1982, as Kristoff), Fantastic Four #278 (1985, as Doctor Doom)
Publisher Marvel Comics
Alignment bad


Gender Male
Race -
Height 6'7 // 201 cm
Weight 293 lb // 132 kg
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown


Occupation -
Base Former monarch, would-be conqueror


Group Affiliation -
Relatives unnamed mother (deceased), Mister Fantastic (alleged half-brother), Valeria Richards (alleged niece), Victor von Doom (aka Doctor Doom, adopted father)

Strength level

2+ tons (4,400 lb)

Uncommon powers


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