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Green Arrow

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen


When millionaire Oliver Queen fell overboard from a yacht, he was washed up on a deserted island where he was forced to learn how to hunt with a bow and arrow in order to survive. He eventually escaped from the island by overpowering some drug smugglers and handing them over to the authorities. Changed by his experiences, he decided to give something back to society, in as exciting a way as possib... read more

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Creator DC Comics
UniversePrime Earth - Prime DC Comics Universe
Full name Oliver Jonas Queen
Alter Egos Green Arrow (CW)Green Arrow (CW)Green Arrow (Injustice)Green Arrow (Injustice)Green Arrow (New 52)Green Arrow (New 52)Green Arrow (Smallville)Green Arrow (Smallville)
Spectre (CW)
Aliases The Emerald Archer, The Ace Archer, The Battling Bowman, The Dark Hunter, Auu Lanu Lau'ava, Robin Hood, Mayor Queen, The Hood, Al Sah-Him, Black Arrow, Oliver Jonas Queen, Ollie Queen, Arrow, Dark Hunter, Chief Magic Bow, Swashbuckler
Place of birth Seattle
First appearance More Fun Comics #73 (November 1941)
Alignment Good


Occupation Professional Crime-fighter; Multi-Billionaire, Adventurer, Mayor, Businessman, Vigilante
Base Star City, Seattle
Teams Leader: Justice Legion AlphaMember: All-Star SquadronFormerly: Black Lantern CorpsJustice League
Relatives Conner Hawke (son), Robert (son); Cissie King (possible daughter), Roy Harper (adoptive son), Dinah Laurel Lance (wife), Dinah Drake Lance (mother-in-law), Larry Lance (father-in-law)