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Green Arrow

Oliver Queen

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Pedrof 2 mo 5 d
Green Arrow
17 months member
@Galactus, can you please put 100 in Oliver's combat?
BlotskyA 5 mo 28 d
Green Arrow
23 months member
Green Arrow has to be Most Messed Up MarDC Member Ever, like The Things he Does Makes him The Most Messed up one, here are somethings he's Done

He Killed Emma Frost's Adaptive Father
He Broke Mockingbird's Arm and toss her in the Street, Allowing her to get Hit by a Car in the Head
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Weefter 11 mo 12 h 2 m
Green Arrow
15 months member
Please change velocity in 45,durability in 45 and power in 50 like cw green arrow
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Dusk_Pikachu 11 mo 12 h 24 s
Green Arrow
16 months member
Don't worry, there's a new stat system to help the stats become more accurate.
Weefter 1 y 1 mo 19 d
Green Arrow
15 months member
I hate the comics' green arrow but I like very much arrow from the TV series because he is a good fighter and no the poor man with bow and arrows