Ghost Rider (King Of Hell)

Ghost Rider (King Of Hell)

Johnny Blaze



King of Hell When Doctor Strange used magic to restore Las Vegas after its devastation, he accidentally opened a magical doorway that Mephisto used to invade Earth. Wong devised a plan to help him, and to this end assembled the Midnight Sons, among which was Ghost Rider. As part of Wong's plan to defeat Mephisto, Ghost Rider confronting him head-on. Just as they expected, Mephisto l... read more

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Creator Marvel Comics
Full name Jonathon Blaze
Alter Egos Ghost RiderGhost RiderGhost Rider (MCU)Ghost Rider (MCU)Ghost Rider (SONY)Ghost Rider (SONY)Ghost Rider (Zarathos' Power)Ghost Rider (Zarathos' Power)
Aliases JB, Brimstone Biker, Brimstone Avenger, The Riding Ghost, Spirit of Vengeance, Frank Ryder, Ghost Toasty, Bonehead, Devil
Place of birth Waukegan, Illinois
First appearance
Alignment Good


Occupation King of Hell
Base Hell
Teams No teams added.
Relatives Illyana Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased); Destin Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased); Dante Kale (maternal distant relative, deceased); Noble Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased); Magdelena Kale (maternal ancestor, deceased); unnamed maternal great-grandfather (deceased); Joshua Kale (maternal grandfather, deceased); Naomi Kale (mother, deceased); Barton Blaze (father, deceased); Crash Simpson (foster father / father-in-law, deceased); Mona Simpson (foster mother / mother-in-law, deceased); Dan Ketch (brother); Barbara Ketch (sister, deceased); Roxanne Simpson (foster sister / wife, deceased); Craig Blaze (son, deceased); Emma Blaze (daughter, deceased); Jennifer Kale (maternal cousin); Andrew Kale (maternal cousin, deceased


Gender Male
Type / Race Demon
Height 6'2" • 1.88 m
Weight 220 lb • 100 kg
Eye color No eyes
Hair color No Hair


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