Zatanna Zatara

Prime DC Comics Universe

Zatanna's powers and abilities

Zatanna is genetically talented with her magic abilities, being part of the Homo Magi race. As such, she can cast an incredible number of spells, which she usually does by speaking backwards as a tribute to her father. This, however, is not necessary for her to cast spells. Zatanna has shown great control of her magic ability, and has even beeen shown to contol the elements. These elements include fire generation, air control, earth control, liquid control, ice control, fire control, and weather control. Zatanna also is able to use her magic for telepathic purposes such as reading minds, remove specific memories, or wipe minds completely, which was shown when she erased Dr.Light's memory. She also has a tremendous amount more of abilities such as plant control, sense magic, telekinesis, probably manipulation, and so much more. The upper limit of her spellcasting ability is unknown, but she is amongst the most powerful magic users of her universe.