Loki Laufeyson



Loki himself is not a member of the Asgardians, but is actually the son of Laufey, the deceased monarch of the Frost Giants, the ancient enemies of the Asgardians. Odin himself led the Asgardians into battle against the Frost Giants and killed Laufey in personal combat. After slaying Laufey, Odin found a small Asgardian-sized child hidden within the primary stronghold of the Frost... read more

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Full name Loki Laufeyson
Alter Egos
King Loki
Loki (God Of Stories)Loki (God Of Stories)Loki (Infinity Gauntlet)Loki (Infinity Gauntlet)Loki (MCU)Loki (MCU)Loki (Sorceror Supreme)Loki (Sorceror Supreme)Loki (The All-Butcher/Necrogod)Loki (The All-Butcher/Necrogod)Loki (Venomized)Loki (Venomized)Scarlet Witch IIScarlet Witch IIWorthy LokiWorthy Loki
Aliases God of Mischief, Gem-Keeper, Walter Lawson, Lester, Loren Olsen, Tyfon, Father Williams, Willie, Tso Zhung; has also impersonated hundreds of others.
Place of birth Jotunheim, Asgard
First appearance Journey into Mystery Vol. 1 #85
Creator Marvel Comics
Alignment Bad


Occupation God of evil; former god of mischief and madness
Base Asgard
Teams Thor CorpsFormerly: S.H.I.E.L.D.Masters of Evil
Relatives Laufey (father, deceased), Farbauti (mother, deceased), Sigyn (wife, deceased), Odin (foster father, deceased), Frigga (foster mother, deceased), Thor, Vidar (foster brothers, deceased), Hela,Fenris (Wolf), Jordmungand (Midgard Serpent) (children, deceased), Arkin (cousin, deceased)


Gender Male
Type / Race Asgardian
Height 6'4 • 193 cm
Weight 525 lb • 236 kg
Eye color Green
Hair color Black


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