Alicia Parkulir (Composit)

Alicia Parkulir


Alicia Parkulir is the main antagonist of Peculiar High School, daughter of President Fredrick J. Parkulir who founded Parkulir High School Fredrick taught Alicia to work hard towards her goals and to let nothing get in her way. Alicia always had big ambitions and wanted to become the president like her father. She attended Parkulir High School and was one of the few humans and the most popular girl in the school and had a powerful influence to be able to manipulate everything that goes on in the school. read more

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Creator LittleGremlin
Full name
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Alice
Place of birth
First appearance 1st chapter/episode
Alignment Bad


Gender Female
Species // Type Human
Height 50 mm • 1.97 inch
Weight 128 kg • 282.19 lbs
Eye color Violet
Hair color Purple
Skin color White


Occupation High school student, principal, US president
Relatives Fredrick J. Parkulir (Father, erased) Mary Parkulir/Nucy Natas (Mother absolute death) Kennedy Fetherston (Close friend, afterlife)
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