Goku's History

Baby Kakarot was born while his father, Bardock, and his warrior team were on a mission to conquer planet Kanassa and kill all of its inhabitants. Kakarrot was a very weak baby, compared to the norm for the Saiyajin race, so he was sent to a planet with weak inhabitants (Earth)to exterminate all the life there.This was done because Saiyajin warriors are needed for harder missions.so they use their children saiyins to exterminate their unworthy opponents.

Kakarot was found by an old man named Gohan in a small space craft. Gohan tried to raise the young boy, but Kakarot was extremely hostile and strong by human standards. During a trip one day, young Kakarotto fell down a deep ravine and bashed his head. The permanent amnesia from this fall prevented the young boy from completing his initial mission. He was named Son Goku by Gohan.

He had amazing strength, speed, and loved fighting so Gohan trained him in the ways of Martial Arts. Young Goku even had a tail which resembled a monkey's tail. This tail would allow him to turn into a huge Ape at the sight of the full moon but Goku had no memories of anytime he has ever gone Great Ape and was completely unaware of this until later told by Vegeta.

After Gohan's death,Goku went about the world traveling with Bulma Briefs to search for the mystic dragon balls and met Master Roshi, the Turtle Hermit, Yamcha, the desert bandit and his shape shifting cat companion Puar, and Oolong, a shape shifting pig.

After finding the Dragon Balls and losing their wish to Oolong, Goku decided to train with the venerable old Master Roshi. Roshi began to train Goku and Krillin in the ways of the Turtle Hermit and taught them the legendary energy blast: The Kamehameha. Goku entered the World Martial Arts Tournament to only be defeated by Master Roshi's alias Jackie Chun.

After the World Martial Arts Tournament, Goku traveled around the world to find the Dragon Balls, defeating the entire Red Ribbon army in the process, a feat which was considered impressive by all of his friends.

After defeating the Red Ribbon Army and finding the last Dragon ball, Goku once again entered the World Martial Arts Tournament, only to lose to Tien Shinhan by a fluke, as they were both thrown into the air, and Goku technically hit the ground first, as he fell onto a moving car before Tien hit the ground.

His other great accomplishment was defeating King Piccolo.

As an adult, He married a woman named Chi-Chi and had a son named Gohan.

Goku led a relatively peaceful life until Raditz landed on the planet earth, Raditz revealed himself to be Goku's brother and told Goku of his orginal mission on earth, Goku refused to join Raditz in the extermination of Earth's citizens and they fought.

As an incentive to fight him and reveal his true Saiyajin roots, he took Goku's newborn son Gohan and decided that if Goku wouldn't fight for him and destroy earth, maybe he could turn this little half Saiyajin kid to do it instead. that didn't go well with Goku or Chi Chi at all, and so Goku set off to defeat Raditz , but, knowing he couldn't do it on his own, requested his old enemy, Piccolo to help him fight him. Piccolo wasn't too excited about it, but he decided that if killing this Raditz guy would give him another shot at Goku, he'd do it with pleasure.

Goku and Piccolo fought side by side in an attempt to defeat Raditz but could only do so by Goku giving his life to hold Raditz still while Piccolo used his Special Beam Cannon to defeat him.

After death, Goku was allowed to keep his physical body and chose to travel to Kaio sama to train under him. Kaio sama's planet had many times earth's gravity and helped Goku to become stronger. Goku left King Kai's in time to defeat the saiya-jin warriors, Vegeta and Nappa, who had landed on the planet in search of their fallen comrade Raditz. Vegeta and Nappa took their time and killed most of Goku's friends while Goku was hurrying to the battle site. They took the lives of TienShinhan, Piccolo, Yamcha, and Chiaotzu.

Goku could not defeat Vegeta but they were both unable to fight and Vegeta fled back to where he came. Since Piccolo was defeated the Dragon Balls had dissapeared from earth and they needed them to wish their friends back so Goku and the others traveled to the Planet Namek which held seven more dragon balls.

Freeza was already on this planet searching for the dragon balls himself. Goku defeated Freeza's special Corps the Ginyu Force and went on to fight Freeza. Goku was vastly inferior to Freeza but they fought and when Frieza decided to kill Krillin, Goku's best friend, for fun Goku had reached the limit and became a Super Saiyajin.

After this, the fight on Namek was clearly very one sided, as Goku continued to thrash Freeza across the planet. It was then that Freeza decided to unleash another form, where he became even more powerful, and, rather than just changing into a whole other body type like before, he simply made his muscle mass increase. he thought that he'd still be able to take over the fight, but Goku continued to soundly beat him with his clearly superior power. It was this form that Freezarealized he had been afraid of his entire life since destroying Goku's planet, and had realized that his fate was too lose. Seeing no other option, he sent a blast down to the core of planet Namek, knowing full-well that it would destroy the planet in a matter of minutes. Five, in fact. It was here that Goku knew he couldn't save all of his friends from the explosion. He knew, however, that since his friends had already wished everyone back onto earth with the Dragon Balls from Namek, that he could fight to the end, truly, on Namek with Freeza. That is, if you could call the fight he was in a fight. He was having near no trouble with Freeza at all. After his enemy had shown his true colors, a coward, he decided to leave him there for dead. But Freeza, knowing the weakness that Goku had for being so kind to his enemies, asked him for some of his energy, which he planned to kill Goku with, so at least, he thought, they would both die. Goku, being so kind-hearted by nature, handed over, slightly hesitantly, some of his energy. Just enough for Freeza to survive. he hoped that he would be able to see the error in his ways. Goku, flying away, was wrong. The split in half Frieza (ironically he split himself in half with his own energy disk) sent the energy Goku handed him straight back at him.

"HAAA!!" Freeza screamed in his raspy, almost feminine voice.

Goku only replied to the energy by telling Frieza he was truly a fool, and redirected it, possibly killing him in the process as the planet blew up.

After the defeat of Freeza, it was a wildly held view that Goku was killed on Namek along with Freeza. But, one day, the Z-fighters and Vegeta felt Freeza's power level approaching Earth. As the fighters approached, Freeza, newly rebuilt, and his father King Cold touched down, planning to destroy earth. everyone was worried that the planet was doomed since Goku wasn't around to be the savior.

But a mysterious young man comes to confront them first. Both Freeza and Cold are clearly outmatched by the young Super Sayian and are defeated in a matter of seconds.

The young man then goes to the Z-Fighters and tells them that Goku would land on Earth soon. Goku did land, with a new technique Under his belt: Instant Transmission. The youth is Future Trunks, and says that the androids will be here in three years. He gives Goku heart medicine, claiming that he died in another time line and this would save his life. They all go their separate ways and start their training. Goku trains with his son Gohan in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for quite a while. This was where Goku and Gohan learned how to maintain their Super Saiyan limits, and where Gohan learned how to manipulate his Saiyan strength. This was also how Goku and Gohan became able to hold themselves in these forms for elongated periods of time.

There he is pushing Gohan to his limit.

After Goku and Gohan got out of their training time in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, they decided that, since they still had much time left, they would just stay and relax until the tournament that the evil Cell had set up began. Goku knew that he did not have enough power to defeat Cell in this state, and he had also figured out (before Vegeta had, unfortunately, which was why Cell attained his final form, because Vegeta had become to cocky in his Super Saiyan 2 form, and was thus defeated by Final form Cell. After this, Cell decided that he would form his own tournament to fight all of the most powerful warriors in the world, which seemed to be an excuse to fight and beat Goku. And it was.

Goku has known since Gohan was a child that his strength comes from his anger. He was intending to wear down Cell enough so that Gohan could finish him. Cell starts to self destruct. Goku quickly uses the instant transmission to teleport himself and cell to King Kai's planet. He sacrifices himself so that earth is safe, but Cell was able to regenerate. it was up to Gohen to defeat him and that he did. When they gathered the Dragon Balls to wish everyone back to life Goku tells them that he thinks the world would be safer if he stayed dead.

Low and behold it is not until Goku gets a day to walk among the living that Babidi comes and resurrects Majin Buu. earlier that day Goku had met all of his best friends, like Krillin and Vegeta, along with his sons Gohan and Goten, who he'd never met before. During the World Martial Arts Tournament, Two fighters with an M insignia in their forehead stole some of Gohan's power and fled. Goku and the others followed them to Babidis ship. After the fighters gave Babidi the power they had stolen they were immediately killed. Goku, Vegeta, and the Supreme Kai went into Babidi's ship where they faced a few trials of combat. Goku fought a creature that came from the darkest corner of the universe. The creature had the ability to absorb energy. Once Goku realized this, he powered up and let the demon absorb his power until he exploded. Vegeta was secretly trying to get Babidi to see that he was evil so he would increase his power. Babidi noticed and did so. Babidi transported them to the World Martial Arts Tournament where Vegeta proved he was truly evil by blowing up part of the arena in an attempt to gode Goku into a fight. Goku asked Babidi to transport them to a place away from people to fight Vegeta. He transported them to the mountains. Goku and Vegeta went blow for blow until they realized that Majin Buu had been released, then Goku tried to persuade Vegeta to partner up so they could defeat Majin Buu. Vegeta agreed but when Goku went to grab some sensu beans, Vegeta knocked him out. Vegeta gave his life trying to defeat Majin Buu, but afterward's when Goku awoke he had to go back to the afterlife because his 24 hours were up. Gohan would later be trained by the Supreme Kai and would remove an ancient sword of power that released an elder Kai. The elder Kai would later exchange his life for Goku's afterlife so Goku could go to earth and find some one to use the Supreme Kai's fusing earrings to permanently bond with. Goku fused with Vegeta after his resurrection, becoming Vegito. In the end Goku used his Spirit Bomb to defeat Majin Buu's original form (Kid Buu). Before Kid Buu's defeat, Goku asked that Kid Buu be resurrected later in life so Goku would have the chance to fight him again. Years later Buu was resurrected as a boy named Uub, and at a martial arts tournament Goku tried antagonizing Uub into releasing his hidden power. Goku would soon stop the fight and take Uub off to train.