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Cherno Alpha

Cherno Alpha

Cherno Alpha

Pacific Rim

Cherno Alpha's powers and abilities

Heavy Armor - Cherno Alpha is one of the most heavily armored Jaegers ever fielded by humanity. This armor was more than capable of shrugging off any hit it took from a Kaiju blade or fist and keep going.

Central Conn Pod - Unlike other Jaegers that had their pilots in an exposed position atop the mecha, Cherno's pod was instead situated well inside the most well armored section of the machine. This design feature prevented an easy decapitation strike that had felled so many Jaegers in the past.

Roll of Nickels - Loaded inside Cherno's hands are a series of heavy cylinders that can be deployed to increase the mech's striking strength. This can be further supplemented by the springs and hydraulics in the arms.

Tesla Fist - Cherno Alpha can generate electrical currents on the skin of its fists, adding a nasty shock to each of its blows.

Reactor and Incinerator Turbines - Cherno Alpha is powered by a nuclear reactor, which gives it an immense amount of staying power. The mech is also equipped with Incinerator Turbines, which utilize the heat generated from the reactor to scorch opponents at close range. Additionally, the reactor can be rigged to detonate if needed, like Gipsy Danger's, although this was never utilized.

Greco-Roman Boxing - Cherno Alpha's fighting style is a brutal affair, relying on holds, punches aimed at weak points and joint breakage. Cherno also prefers to open its engagements with a fist smashing display meant to enrage the opponent into charging it.

Cherno Alpha's weaknesses

Slow - Due to its heavy armor, Cherno Alpha is one of the slowest Jaegers ever produced and is incapable of pursuing a fleeing Kaiju because of this.

No Escape - Cherno's Conn Pod has no way to be released should it be compromised, meaning the pilots will always die with the mech.