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Cherno Alpha

Cherno Alpha

Cherno Alpha

Pacific Rim

Cherno Alpha's History

Cherno Alpha, piloted by Sasha and Aleksis Kaidonovsky, was launched by Russia in 2015 as the last Mark 1 Jaeger. In its decade of service, Cherno managed to kill 6 kaiju, four of which were named: Raythe, Atticon, KM-24 and Taranais.

After the cessation of the Jaeger program, all remaining Jaegers were relocated to the Hong Kong Shatterdome. There, Cherno Alpha and the remaining Jaegers would meet Leatherback and Otachi in Hong Kong harbor. Although things looked to be going well for the Jaegers at first, Leatherback's EMP knocked out half the squad and left only Cherno and Girpsy Danger to face the category 4 Kaiju. Cherno was blasted with a spray of acid from Otachi and then forced underwater by Leatherback. Sasha and Aleksis would perish due to a combination of radiation leaking from the reactor, drowning and the fact they had no escape mechanism.