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1+ years member.
Not voted yet

Yes I meant normal versions but at their best lol. Information wise how about just the general like who they are fighting and the basics on their abilities? And the planet can be mostly abandoned but maybe like a small village somewhere or a city or something IDK.
1+ years member.
Not voted yet

Also who is sylar?
1+ years member.
Not voted yet

We got go for the absolute maximum in this fight and say that every character is at their peak. This would probably make for the most interesting fight, but with the way Manhattan has been shown recently may be slightly unfair. So I would be willing to not use the most recent feats and keep him held back in the sake of fairness. Location won't really matter since we both have characters that can destroy universes but let's say a large planetoid somewhere in space. I'll also be honest my team would work alot better with prep so I will leave that your call.
1+ years member.
Not voted yet

Thanks lol Sorry I missed it earlier I guess how long ago did this happen? Anyways what terms are you looking for? What you got on your mind?
1+ years member.
Why? That would just make his durability 100 right? I mean can it move faster then light, outthink a genius, stop a train with a finger, or even kill anything? I mean it is just a really hard to kill lizard why would all the stats be 100?
178 days ago
Team Battle
1+ years member.
Voted: Team Phineas Flynn

Iron Man won't kill children will he?
1+ years member.
Voted: Unicron

Unicron is considered a threat to all of existence and has consumed 22% of the multiverse. His mere presence corrupts beings into doing his bidding. Anti-Monitor literally has no hope of winning, Unicron has hundreds of universes to draw power from and retreat into if necessary, and in his universes he is unbeatable.
1+ years member.
Not voted yet

Now this one I like lol. I'm going to have to think about it for a bit. Well done my friend!
182 days ago
Team Battle
1+ years member.
Voted: Team White Phoenix Of The Crown

I still think WPOTC, Franklin, and Mathew have the potential to solo. Combine them and they will obliterate. Your going to need abstracts and maybe even Spectre to stand a chance for team 2.
182 days ago
Team Battle
1+ years member.
Voted: Team White Phoenix Of The Crown

Not gonna lie WPOTC solo's. But with her team the other side stands zero chance.
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