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TheOverlord 1 days ago
Not voted yet
Alright let's do some real analysis. This fight comes down to speed of thought Vs speed of body, and in that yes the laws of physics do dictate that thought is faster, but Superman and comics in general completely ignore physics, so I will not use them. Instead I will do this battle style. So there are three kinds of fights: random encounters, prep time, and dropping them into an arena and battle. I will be using the last one, dropping them into combat, as this gives neither an advantage.(With prep Superman could learn how to avoid being mind blasted and with random encounter The Professor would have sensed Superman and taken him over immediately.) So in an arena fight the first second or so the characters would be sort of stunned and take in their surroundings. Superman does see and think faster, as proven by his ability to dodge near light speed attacks. That being said the Professor does sense power and would immediately feel Superman's strength as the threat, so he would immediately try to break his mind. Superman does have a resistance, and that is what I'm not sure what to do with. If Superman can resist for even a second then he will speed-blitz once he feels the Professor prodding his mind. If the professor can break through in a second, then the fight is his. Thoughts?
TheOverlord 1 days ago
Not voted yet
Well assuming that he can get Superman under his control, anything. The Professor can make him think and do anything he wants, be it punch himself, rip off his own arms, pull out his own heart, or fly straight into a room filled with Kryptonite. Or the Professor could mind blast him, turn his brain to literal mush, have Superman fly into a red sun, or rip his own head off. The Possibilities of what the professor can mentally do to a person are limitless. That is of course assuming that the Professor can get Superman under his control, and I will make a post about this now.
TheOverlord 4 days ago
Voted: Team Captain Marvel
Phoenix has way to many ways to completely destroy the other team. She solos. It might have been more fair to use Jean without the Phoenix Force or limit her usage of the Phoenix Force, but as it stands Phoenix is far too powerful for team 2.
TheOverlord 10 days ago
Voted: Team Iron Man
In the movies iron Man's team kicked their butts for the entire fight until blackwidow betrayed them. Literally the entire group supporting cap got arrested and cap and bucky barely escaped. And Iron Man literally didn't want to seriously harm any of them, otherwise he could have showed up in his Hulkbuster armor and with his entire Iron Legion and wiped the floor with them all. Easy win for team Iron man.
TheOverlord 11 days ago
Voted: Team Phoenix
Phoenix literally wipes the entire other team from all of existence. All the energy the other team throws at her she will absorb and her output can destroy entire systems. Not to mention molecular manipulation and teleportation. She is far too powerful for anybody on team two to deal with.
TheOverlord 12 days ago
Voted: Predator
Yes this has been done before and In every AVP movie Predators kill more Aliens then Aliens kill predators. So what you said needs to be reversed Predators are Superior beings to Aliens.
TheOverlord 12 days ago
Voted: Hal Jordan
The only way wolverine wins is if he manages to give Lantern a hug, and there is no way Lantern is going to let him get that close.
TheOverlord 12 days ago
Voted: Team Wolverine
This fight is between the cinematic versions of each character,not the comic versions.
Battle takes place in New York.
TheOverlord 16 days ago
Voted: Team Gamora
Let's be realistic if Black Canary screams she would also kill her own teammates since there is no prep time in these battles. Thus even her own team wouldn't have had time to prepare a defense, so it is feasible that if she screamed she would kill her own team as well. So she will have to be more tactical and use a more focused scream, which means that both teams will have time to adjust and either take her out from long range or mute her sound via ear blocking devices. Gamora will be more then capable of dispatching her since her body mods would allow her to live the sound wave by turning down the rate at which she hears. Then it becomes a straight up fight between the two teams. Ultimately team 1 is more survivable and has the technology advantage. So I'd give it to them, especially considering Gamora's vast arsenal of both long range and short range weaponry. She is also quite capable of defeating Katana and her Soul sword.
TheOverlord 20 days ago
Voted: Avengers
In the MCU Iron Man is by far the most powerful avenger(Excluding Vision because we don't really know his power limits and magic wielding characters because we also don't know their limits). He has knocked Hulk out, gone toe to toe with Thor and honestly looked like he was winning, and is capable of breaking and holding up buildings with his suits. The defenders often struggle when too many street thugs get in their way, while the avengers take out entire legions of aliens and Killer robots. Iron man, Thor, and Hulk all solo this one. Cap and black widow and Hawkeye are the only ones in any remote danger, and they'd honestly probably still beat the defenders. This is a stomp for the Avengers,
Heralds of Galactus