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Team BatmanvsTeam Captain America

Created by God_of_Thunder


God_of_Thunder 6 mo 1 d
Team Batman vs Team Captain America
78 months member
Team Captain America Another massive battle between characters from the Marvel and Dc universe.
This time its about street level characters with perhaps a couple of exeptions.
Of course Captain America leads team Marvel and Batman team Dc.
Who is the superior leader, Captain America or Batman ?
Bouth are obviously incredible leaders but I belive Captain America is the best.
Who is the most powerful characters in the two teams ?
In team Marvel i belive Spiderman and Luke Cage are the most powerful.
In team Dc i think its Cyborg and Hawk man.
Who is the weakest characters in the two teams ?
In team Marvel i belive its Black Widow and Daredevil.
In team Dc i think its Red Hood and Nightwing.
What will be the outcome of such a battle if going all out ?
Spiderman* beats Hawk man uncouncious because of superior abilities and powers.
Luke Cage and Cyborg* is having a tough battle having the Dc hero as the winner.
Iron Fist* punch Bronze Tigers lights out because of chi powers.
Daredevil* beats Nightwing in a very close battle because of the radar sense and slightly enhanced agility.
Moon knight fight Deathstroke* in a very bloody battle. Its daytime and no moon in the sky. Slade defeats the Marvel hero.
Captain America* will be attacked by Red Hood who wants to kill the leader.
The star sprangled hero winns rather easy.
Black Widow finds herself face to face with Batman*. Batman defeats the Russian spy and beats her unconcious.
Black panther* defeats Black canary cutting her badly with the vibranium claws.

After a long time of battle team Captain America are still five consious.
Team Batman are only three left, its Batman, Cyborg and Deathstroke.
Captain America orders Spiderman and Black panther to attack Cyborg and Iron Fist and Daredevil attacks Deathstroke.
Captain America and Batman clash and start to battle it out.

After another long time of battle Spiderman is injured and uncouncious, Cyborg did not go down easy.
Cyborg is trashed after several powerful punches from Spiderman and hits from Black panthers* vibranium claws.
Daredevil is cut badly and in need of first aid to survive, he is left on the ground uncouncious.
Iron Fist* landed an ironfist in Deathstrokes face crushing the body armor and knocked him out.
Captain America are still fighting Batman when Black panther and Iron Fist show up.
Batman will not give up without a fight, after being hit in the head by Captain Americas shield he becomes stuned.
The shield bounces off and Iron Fist delivers a chi powered fist in Batmans chest.
The armor and the ribs are broken, Batman falls uncouncious to the ground and blood runs from his mouth.
The battle is over and team Captain America is victorious.

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Team Batman wins!
Team Batman wins!
Team Batman wins!
Team Captain America wins!