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Chameleon Chameleon has enough smarts and skill to make it a 5/10 match, so I'm honestly just giving him the W to play devil's advocate.
I grew up owning the 90s Fantastic Four animated series. And #1 the frightful four was awesome (original lineup)
#2 i love how they used that story to introduce the inhumans.

#3 they, IMO, along with Annihilus Blastaar, and Kadlec the Seeker are so very underappreciated. And were some of my favorite story's
Blastaar Blastarr is underrated
Annihilus Annihilus easily wins
I appreciate your efforts and hard work. The site kicks ass, imo.
I hear the new update will include quick links to former battles? I.e. clicking on the fights title.
Only other thing I might suggest is a battle-royale format option.
Maybe anywhere from 1v1v1 up to 6v6v6, or up to 9 individual fighters in 1 single brawl, etc.
I'd personally love that option
Not trying to be political here, but hasn't this gone far enough?
Iceman's gay, midnighters gay, megasonics gay, Deadpool's all over the place, can we please stop changing the past? Write a new hero, and make them gay. Don't freaking ruin a classic. Stan Lee's crying in Heaven...
not voted Wtf is this?
Team Blastaar Who wins and why?
Team Godspeed Lol yea
Team Godspeed Good people, I do believe we have a winner!!!!
@Wolfdragon123, congratulations!
The White team has won the tournament!
I appreciate everyone who got involved!
@ManofPower, congrats on the silver bro! Well done, always entertaining!
Team Godspeed I agree that he could. And I respect @Wolfdragon123 making a case for his opponent.
Stay classy, wolf.
As for the outcome I agree it could happen, but I give it a 2or3/10 chance of it realistically happening. Can't Godspeed keep up with Flash and also speed steal? Maybe that's black flash or zoom.... I admit I get their specific abilities mixed up.
SMITE has consistently been one of my favorites, and they seem to continue to improve the gameplay.
Team Blastaar Blastaar^ vs Terrax^
Seeker vs Ronan*
Annihilus* vs Surfer (very close)


Annihilus* vs Ronan (close)
Blastaar^ vs Terrax^

Annihilus & Blastarr* vs Terrax
Team Blastaar Negative Zone vs Heralds of Galactus.
Who you got?
Get at me bro. 😍
Team Godspeed Here we are at the finals, the championship!
@ManofPower (Team Red)
@Wolfdragon123 (Team White)

Who wins and takes home the gold.????
You decide!
Team Orion Thank you, nameless hero.
@ManofPower, Red team, wins!
Jeesh, let's get on to the damn finals Already.
@AkhilPDX it was a great run broz congrats on the bronze trophy, finishing at 3rd place!
Team Dark Phoenix Gotcha. Haven't read the issues. But I know enough to know enough. Lol
Team Orion Literally anyone. Just 1 single vote on this match would be appreciated.
Team Dark Phoenix Is this true TOAA or an avatar like Darkseids?
Team Orion @Jongensoden
How you gonna have an opinion but not vote?
Team Orion Lol my bad, saw that you voted right after I posted. I remember your old user pic
Team Orion @Lordtracer?
Team Orion Aight...

"Whoever reads this last desperate message, decide the battle, and break the tie, so that humanity may continue...."


Fucking someone please vote!
Wonder Woman (Worthy) I've never seen either of the comics, so the only comparison is left to my imagination.
I feel as though Diana would be more creative/understanding with Mjolnir. I feel Hulk would be slightly less understanding/more focused on "it's an object to smash with." Vs WW being more tactical/ imaginative with the newfound powers, especially being used to weapons/accessories (lasso, bracelets, sword & shield, etc)
Awesome, @Galactus. You rock
Team Silver Surfer The only members of JL that can can compete with SS are
Fate, and Martian Manhunter.
Team Orion Yet again, we need a tiebreaker. That's one every freaking round!
Huge pat on the back all around.
But please, we need to break this tie
Team Orion Well I said last call for votes on my lunch break and the winner has changed 3 times since then. I'm giving it 30 more minutes.
(Call it overtime)
Team Godspeed Team White @Wolfdragon123 wins and advances to the finals!
Team Orion I love that it's a another legit tie. Shout out to @AkhilPDX and @ManofPower for another dead even match. Love how competitive these tournaments get.
Team Godspeed Last call for votes on this one
Team Orion Last call for votes
Team Orion Ooooh.... Dead even now...
Team Martian Manhunter You a lil late lol.
Team Annihilus Negative zone and Super Skrull vs The Heralds of Galactus.

Who wins?
Team Thor (Odin Force) This is not the match from the tournament.
If you go to forums and check under my tournament page, I provided the links for both matches of the semifinal round
Team Orion I like how the matches get better, the further into the tournament we go
Team Orion At least this Ones a bit closer
Team Godspeed The world may never know...
Team Thor (MCU) Thor or Fat Thor**** vs Supes
Iron Man*** vs Batman
Prof. Hulk vs WW*
Cap^ vs Aquaman^
Ronin vs Flash*
Black Widow vs Cyborg*

Thor* vs WW
Iron Man* vs Cyborg
Cap vs Aquaman and Flash*

Thor* vs Aquaman
Iron Man* vs Flash
Team Godspeed Vote
Team Godspeed Godspeed vs Sentry*
Sanchez vs Sinestro*
Binary^ vs Arkillo^
Captain Atom* vs Reverse Flash
White witch^ vs Fate^
Endosym* vs Yellowjacket
Deadman* vs Hawkman
Ahsoka* vs Luke Cage
Night King vs Reverse Flash*
Cap Atom* vs Sentry
Deadman* vs Sinestro
Binary and Endosym* vs Arkillo
Ahsoka vs Reverse Flash*
Witch^ vs Fate^
Captain Atom and Endosym* vs Reverse Flash ( Endosym dies)

Witch and Deaman* vs Fate (Deadman dies)

Winner: White.
Team Orion Orion* vs Supes. Long gruesome, badass fight. Orion is clinging to life

Flash* vs Beast. Speedblitz

Rulk vs BRB* Good match, but solid win for BRB

Thorbuster* vs Nova idk enough about Thorbuster, but from the sound of it I could see it going either way, but Tony gets the edge.

Scarlet Witch^ vs Fate^ I truly believe Wanda can hold him at Bay on her own.

IMP* vs Blue Beetle barely. Like.... Barely gets the win.

Spidey vs Saint Walker* I mean...

Red Hood* vs Nightcrawler. I think this could pretty easily go either way.

Deadpool vs Invisible Woman*


Orion and Thorbuster* vs Beta Ray Bill (Orion dies)
Flash and Scarlet Witch* vs Fate
IMP vs Invisible Woman*
Red Hood vs Saint Walker*


Thorbuster and Flash* vs Saint Walker
Wanda* vs Sue

Win: Red.
Round 3 is under way!
We have made it to the semifinals!

Gold vs White
@manofpower vs @wolfdragon123

Blue vs Red
@AkhilPDX vs @ManofPower

Please vote! The semifinals need some attention.
Huge shout-out to
@ManofPower, @Wolfdragon123, and @AkhilPDX
All of you made it to the semis, congrats! Who will fight for the 🏆???
Team Orion Semifinals Match 2
@Manofpower Red vs @AkhilPDX Blue
Who wins???
Team Godspeed Semifinals Match1
@wolfdragon123 White vs @ManofPower Gold
Who wins???