Andromeda Starr

Andromeda Starr


Summarized Biography QRC-016 was the first successful crossbreed containing 50% of Time Bender and Permean DNA. It resulted in her obtaining precognition and permeation, a devastating combination on the battlefield. Her childhood and early teen years were spent in the Artificial Life Development Center (ALDC) where she was introduced to QRC-001 through 25. During her early childhood years she had become social with candidates 011, 024, and 05 upon which they all gave themselves names. After the candidates reached the age of fourteen phase 2 commenced and the candidates were pinned against one another in life or death battles. Staff would cease communication entirely and only communicate through a message board that only posted duels and that the winner would be the only ones to be fed. read more

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Creator c1nder
Full name Andromeda (QR-016) Starr
Alter Egos No alter egos found.
Aliases Andro, Star, Dromeda, QR-016
Place of birth Union of Mars, SSO Artificial Life Facility
First appearance
Alignment Good


Gender Female
Species // Type Animal // Altered
Height 142.2 cm • 4'8"
Weight 41.73 kg • 92 lbs
Eye color Blue
Hair color Orange


Occupation Queen Regalia Candidate-016 (QRC-016 - Former), Queen Regalia-016
Base Universe Dependent
Relatives N/A
Teams No teams added.
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