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Stranger Things

Vecna's powers and abilities

Harnessing psychic abilities, Vecna can detect humans in Hawkins, and just like Eleven, he can use telekinesis to kill his opponents. He can also create false visions in his victims. He appears to target humans who are suffering from some buried emotional trauma, suggesting his powers work more strongly on them. Humans who are more confident and well-adjusted may be more resistant to his powers. Also, music is an effective disruptor of his power, as it can guide one of his victims away from his influence and allow them to retake control of their own minds.


As one of the most powerful psychics introduced thus far, Henry Creel is able to see into the minds of others and search their memories as a means to obtain personal and private information that he might later use to terrorize his victims. It appears that Henry has recently learned to connect himself to the Mind Flayer, which seems to enhance his abilities so greatly that he is now able to telepathically reach across time and space in order to haunt the residents of Hawkins, Indiana in spite of existing within a completely separate dimension.

Mental Manipulation

Henry has demonstrated a limited variation of mind control. Whilst he does not appear to exhibit any influence over the actions or behaviors of his victims, he is perfectly capable of manipulating their perceptions and causing them to hallucinate. Furthermore, once he has frightened his victims to the point of complete vulnerability, he is able to entrance them within their own minds which physically manifests as the victim being paralyzed with their eyes glazed over and retreated towards the back of their heads. Mentally, the victim will experience the most vivid and powerful nightmare that is often set in a place of terror that personally holds much pain and trauma for the individual.


Henry has the psychic ability to induce mental hallucinations that cause his victim(s) to sense and experience nonexistent phenomena that are not actually playing out in the physical world. Whilst his ability to manipulate one's perception of reality appears to be strongest in the "dream world", even in their waking state, Henry can create realistic daydreams that are completely believable to those he chooses to experience. Whilst he often creates scenarios that are unique and personal to his target (i.e. Chrissy's abusive mother banging on the restroom stall or Max's mother hanging laundry in the backyard), his signature illusion is causing his victims to see and hear the loud chime of an antique grandfather clock.

Astral Projection

Through his connection with the Mind Flayer, Henry is able to cast his consciousness from outside of his physical body to explore the private lives of the people living in Hawkins. It is currently unknown if Henry can project his consciousness beyond the borders of this one city, however, it is more than likely that he can given the numerous times that Jane Hopper has astral projected across state lines and Henry is believed to be equally as powerful, if not more so, than his "sister" Eleven.

Pain Inducement

Henry is able to inflict minor forms of physical injuries on his victims such as nosebleeds and severe headaches. Whether he is inflicting this pain intentionally or if this is merely a side effect of linking his mind to another remains unknown. However, because Henry seems to require a certain level of vulnerability from his victims in order to fully possess them, it is possible that this pain inducement is the first step to weakening his target in order to gain more and more power over them.

Psionic Connection

Henry has the ability to develop a deep and powerful psychic connection with his victims. It is through this connection that Henry is able to open multiple wormholes between the Upside Down and Hawkins, Indiana due to the powerful expulsion of energy that is released through the ritualistic murders of his victims.

Psionic Resistance

As demonstrated in Jane Hopper's memories, psychics can resist each other's influence if their will is powerful enough. However, this resistance can be overwhelmed by whichever psychic has the stronger willpower.


Henry has the ability to control and manipulate solid matter with his mind. At first, this power was limited to lightweight materials, such as small animals and the hands on a grandfather clock, but through practice and training, Henry is now powerful enough to influence objects as heavy as fully grown adults and solid steel doors. Henry famously uses this power to levitate his victims in midair before breaking all of the bones in their body and crushing their eyes into the back of their skull.

Regenerative Healing Factor

It appears that since his banishment to the Upside Down, Henry has developed the ability to rapidly regenerate his cells at will. This enables him to quickly heal from any and all non-fatal injuries as proven when his tentacles were shown to fully recover mere seconds after Max slashed him. Therefore, minor damages like cuts and flesh wounds will rejuvenate almost immediately, whilst greater injuries like broken bones or gunshot wounds will presumably take longer to heal but will still recover significantly faster than it does most humans. Even more so, his healing powers have apparently made him immune to most, if not all, forms of toxins and disease due to the fact that he has survived several years in the Upside Down in spite of the atmosphere becoming toxic to humans after prolonged exposure.

Vecna's weaknesses


Similar to the physical muscles that are found within the human body, excessive use of his psionic abilities without proper rest or treatment will result in deadly levels of fatigue and weariness. Henry explained to Eleven how he almost died after using too much of his power as a child which surrendered him into a coma for two to three weeks.


It appears that the soundwaves that are created by the rhythmic frequencies of musical sources can reach sensitive centers of the human brain that basic vocabulary cannot. As such, the barrier between the real world and the dream world where Henry imprisons his victims is temporarily opened. This process will disillusion his victims whilst also providing them a means to escape.


A scientific device of unknown technology that apparently neutralizes all forms of psychic energy.


Psychics with a stronger force of will can overpower Henry and attack him with their own abilities.

Physical Attacks:

While invading other people's minds, Vecna's physical body is left helpless, and thus vulnerable to attack.

Hive Mind Connection

One drawback of being connected to everything in the Upside Down is that any pain felt by them will also be felt by Vecna.