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Doomsday Device

Prime Marvel Universe

Ultimo's powers and abilities

Superhuman Strength

Enormous strength (approx. class 100) Possibly changes along with his size.

Superhuman Stamina

Virtually unlimited endurance due to being a near tireless machine.

Superhuman Speed

He is deceptively fast, Despite his bulk he's capable to walk/run at about 100 miles per hour.


Despite whatever is thrown at him he has absolutely limitless durability.

Energy Absorption

He can absorb and store immense amounts of heat energy into his body for a number of impressive feats as well as convert it for other purposes.

Energy Projection

He can project energy beams from his eyes, the power of which varies with his own energy level (but at full power they can easily vaporize several dozens of tons of rock in a single blast).

Energy Conversion

He can not only discharge the energy stored within but also change the nature of it to different types at will. Some of which are unknown but they can range from thermokinetic to disintegration in range and effect.


He can, over time, significantly increase his size (and presumably strength and durability): When he first appeared, he was "only" 25 feet tall, but after his years-long lava bath underneath the Earth´s crust, he had grown to 60 feet; later, after Stark-Fujikawa´s engineers accessed his systems, they made him grow to "over a hundred feet" (depiction details are somewhat variable, with footprints implying a height of about 500 feet).

Reactive Adaptation

Ultimo has also shown he can adapt his defenses; for instance, while he once was deactivated by a lightning bolt, this later proved ineffective.

Self Restoration

He's also capable of repairing himself even when deactivated and completely disassembled. In the likely event her were to be damaged or rendered disabled, Ultimo is more than capable at remaking itself. Even if he's broken beyond repair or his parts separated and scattered around the globe, he will literally pull himself back together no matter how far apart his pieces are.

Metal Morphing

In being remade as a polymorphametal infectious entity through the Ultimo Virus, the eponymously named robot gained a host of new and deadly abilities that make it so much more lethal than it ever was as a fully functioning automaton. Granting powers and abilities akin to the Technarchy or Phalanx species as a result of the core processing of its A.I. mind being broken down into parts.


Ultimo can be distributed his core functioning onto living organisms granting them a host of his unique powers. Infected react differently to the change depending on the type of life form:


Become metamorphic extents which the core Ultimo can transform at will or travel through. Like a conductor from an electric outlet.


Gain a host of bio-mechanical augmentations, including molecular transmogrified natural weaponry. i.e. Increased size, strength and Adamantium laced claws/fangs.


Inherit the short list of his powers showcased through metallic veins and red glowing eyes. Such as superhuman conditioning and laser vision.

Techno-Matter Conversion/Absorption

Ultimo can convert and assimilate with his dispersed nanoviral material to increase his infection range.

Mass Manipulation

By absorbing his own or other forms of metal into himself, Ultimo can increase his size and strength at will.


Like a great many mechamorphic individuals, Ultimo can not only drink in mechanical and cybernetic devices but control them making them take whatever shape or form it desires, himself included in virus form.

Cyber Interface

Similar to the Extremis Tony used. Morgan Stark was able to wirelessly link up to Rhodey's cybernetics in order to broadcast live images direct from his own personal memory banks, this also enables Ultimo to control and manipulate technology even from a good distance away.