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The Strange Man

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The Strange Man
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50.3K @ultron what do you think of this theory?
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ultron 11 mo 7 d
The Strange Man
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@RatnikNaSjeveru2005 interesting theory for sure, i just feel like rockstar wouldn't use religion in their games as it might offend people. I mean doesn't really offend me but rockstar is pretty carefull with that stuff, originally there where going to be obese people in rdr2 but it was cut presumably for the reason that it could offend people. That's also why I don't believe he is god or the devil but just think he is death when John says damn you he responds many have as many damn the dead and this wouldn't explain how the strange man knows when everyone is going to die and how he tests people's mortality (in rdr1 it was with I believe the nun getting robbed and the man cheating on his wife and apperantly in rdr2 it is euh the dude that recognizes u from blackwater and gives u a golden pen) but than again why would death test people's mortality so I guess he could be god? Idk hope this somehow gets answered in rdr3 I also hope in rdr3 it gets answered if uncle is red harlow maybe we will see a younger uncle join the gang resembling red harlow confirming it
yes 11 mo 20 d
The Strange Man
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@Ultron what are these stats ? I highly doubt they are this high