The Living Sphere Of The Beyond

The Living Sphere Of The Beyond

The Living Sphere Of The Beyond's History

The Living Sphere Of The Beyond or simply called TLSOTB was created by the great, the mind shatteringly powerful The One From Beyond. TLSOTB's main responsibility given by The One From Beyond was to contain the entire existence and non-existence and and beings of all concepts/ideas. Throughout the time in the real world,our world civilization has progressed. In time man created fiction/unreality/fantasy/imagination/myhtology. Writers and people throughout time have written, spoken or heard stories,legends,myths. Now fiction/unreality/fantasy/imagination/mythology is infinite,endless,never ending and ever more expanding. New fictional/unreal/imaginary/mythological beings and places are being added to this never ending and ever expanding story. This fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology includes every being,object,universe,multiverse even omniverses and whatnot from movies,books,comics,tv shows,games,stories,myths,the internet(websites) etc. Many of these beings are remarkably powerful. Some call themselves omnipotent, powerful beyond imagination. Again some of them have author authority over their verses or are writer representatives. There are even some who consider themselves to be beyond fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology and even beyond reality or beyond any perception and comprehension. But their statements are folly and hollow when their powers are compared to The One From Beyond. Because none of their power comes near to The One From Beyond. And so he wanted to contain all that is written, shown,imagined by the real humans from the real world(our world). Hence TLSOTB was created. He is the container of all fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology. As he contains everything and nothing he has Omnipotence,Omniscience,Omnipresence over all that is and isn't in fiction/imagination/unreality/fantasy/mythology and also whats beyond that. He has author authority over all fiction/imagination/unreality/fantasy/mythology.

Within him exists infinite^infinite^infinite layers that each has infinite^infinite^infinite layers. Each layer is infinite in size. There is no way for any being to cross such distance .Only TOFB can traverse that distance. And under the lowest layer exists all fiction/imagination/unreality/fantasy/mythology.

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