The Living Sphere Of The Beyond

The Living Sphere Of The Beyond

The Living Sphere Of The Beyond's powers and abilities

Supreme Containing Power:TLSOTB was created by The One From Beyond to contain all that is and isn't. All of fiction/imagination/unreality/fantasy/mythology is doomed to exist within TLSOTB. Because that is the undeniable law The One From Beyond made for all fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology. Even the beings known as beyond fictional can exist only inside TLSOTB. The inside of TLSOTB is endless/infinite/never ending and ever expanding just like fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology. TLSOTB contains infinite^infinite^infinite plains and layers of existence and also nothingness. Comprehending the inside of TLSOTB is mind-shattering. The only one or thing that exists outside TLSOTB is The One From Beyond. No other Being or entity can ever break free of TLSOTB. No other being has ever existed outside TLSOTB and none ever will. The outside of TLSOTB is beyond comprehention of any fictional/unreal/imaginary/mythological or beyond fictional/unreal/imaginary/mythological being. Every omniverse , multiverse , universe , void described in fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology exists within TLSOTB. Even some characters that are considered that are considered boundless are within TLSOTB. TLSOTB has the power to contain no matter what was is and will be in fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology. Yet none has any knowledge of TLSOTB or TOFB. TLSOTB creates or contains even the most complex fictional/imaginary/unreality/fantasy/mythologycal verses and keep all the beings in those verses in an illusion that they are powerful even boundless and so on.

Avatar Creation: As TLSOTB is a living object he can be compared to a living being. He contains all fiction/unreality/imagination/fantasy/mythology and even places that can be thought of and can't. So in order to interfere he creates avatars of himself to roam all that he contains. He bassically watches over everything and nothing for The One From Beyond.



Intelligence200 IQ

Super Powers