The Comedian

The Comedian

Edward Morgen Blake

Watchmen Universe

The Comedian's weapons

.45 Pistol

Pump Action Shotgun


Grenade Launcher

Gas Grenades

The Comedian's equipment

Comedian's Costume I

The Comedian's original costume was extremely gaudy, consisting of a bright yellow and purple boiler suit. He has purple gloves and boots as well a similarly colored domino mask over his eyes to protect his identity. Also, he had a bright red belt buckle in the shape of a laughing face.

Comedian's Costume II

In 1941, due to an unexplained incident, he was stabbed and decided to convert his armor into something more protective. He then produced the armor that would serve him throughout the rest of his career, made out of thick leather and patriotic shoulder pads, although he kept the same mask.

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