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Steppenwolf's powers and abilities

New God Physiology

The beings of Apokolips call themselves gods and live in a realm called the Fourth World which is outside normal space and time. Their strength is due to their relative proximity to the Source, an energy which fuels the powers of the beings in Apokolips. The inhabitants of New Genesis are far more stronger, faster, smarter and are said to be immortal.

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Speed

Superhuman Reflexes

Superhuman Stamina

Superhuman Senses


As a New God Steppenwolf is resistant to most form of energy physical and energy attacks.


As a New God Steppenwolf has an extended lifespan which allows him to exist indefinitely,he doesn't age, wither or degrade.


New Gods have an advanced immune system, which allows him to survive on Apokolips environmental ( which is full of diseases and toxins) and be immune to toxin and diseases from other planets.


Steppenwolf has thousands of years of experience in most forms combat,tracking,strategy and weapons,especially in swords and axes,he's skilled in riding/training animals and also a expert driver, having driven virtually all vehicles of Apokolips. He is one of the most feared and respected Darkseid's generals, being responsible for leading the Apokolips army, during the invasion of other planets, especially the Dog Calvary.