Courtney Whitmore


Stargirl's powers and abilities

Stargirls' Cosmic Staff creates a wide range of abilities.

Gravity Manipulation

Focused energy to defy gravity, allowing the wielder and others flight.

Magnetic Manipulation

It can attract or repel living beings or objects to/from itself.


Defense Force-Fields

Also used in conjunction with flight to protect against atmospheric damage in high velocity flight.

Energy Projection

It can project yellow and red stellar energy blasts (these last particularly effective against kryptonians).

Energy Absorption

When always used to absorb stellar energy, it could sometimes absorb electricity to dissipate it.

Energy Construct Creation

Heat Emission

Could melt steel.


Ability to attune itself to its current wielder; doing so makes it hard for the staff to become attuned to anyone else. It can receive mental commands from the wielder from certain distances.

Radiation Detection

Starman (Ted Knight) used this ability to receive "emergency calls" from his FBI friend, Woodley Allen; Allen opened a little radioactive capsule when he wished call Starman, and the hero could detect it from any part of the city.

Dimensional Travel

(Pre-Crisis only)