Courtney Whitmore


Stargirl's weapons

Cosmic Staff

A weapon used by the Starman legacy. Wielded primarily by Jack Knight and Stargirl, the Cosmic Staff is a powerful weapon/device that absorbed stellar energy and used it to create a wide range of abilities which its wielders used to fight crime. This device was invented by Ted Knight, and based on the earlier Gravity Rod. The Cosmic Staff, sometimes called the Cosmic Rod, offered the wielder powers including rapid flight, levitation of objects, manipulation of energy, creation of defensive force fields, and offensive energy blasts of incredible power. Both powers could be used at once, to protect the wielder from atmospheric damage in high velocity flight. Another power of the rod was that it was capable of receiving mental commands from a distance, that became possible when the rod attuned itself to the user over time. At present, the staff is attuned to its current holder, Stargirl.

Stargirl's equipment

Solar Energy Conversion

The Cosmic Converter Belt converts cosmic energy (star light) and into a very useful and flexible force.

Enhanced Strength

It enables the wearer to lift incredible weight

Enhanced Agility

move with heightened agility.

Enhanced Speed

Enhanced Stamina

Shooting Stars

which are light forms which disrupt electric devices and organic nervous systems.

Aura Connection

the Converter Belt is attuned to the aura of the wielder