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S'chn T'gai Spock

Star Trek

Spock's powers and abilities

Mind Meld

Like most Vulcans, Spock has the ability to mind-meld with a single person. This mind-meld technique is used to explore another person's past and emotions.

However, while performing the dangerous technique, Spock can feel emotions since he's a half-human. The technique could prove fatal to Spock including the other Vulcans.

Nerve Pinch

Spock uses this ability to knock down a person unconscious by touching his or her side of the neck. This technique was used similar like another TV show character, Xena who uses a force of nerve pinch to render her opponents unmovable. In this case, Spock performed this technique to silently attack his opponents during secret missions.

Scientific Mind

Spock possesses high intelligence in different fields of science. His ability and knowledge of science proves him valuable for missions to the Enterprise crew and the exploration of other planets. He is also an expert in technology which he can able to create one or fix it.



Intelligence175 IQ
Strength375 kg • 827 lb
Speed5 m/s

Super Powers

IntelligenceStaminaEnhanced HearingLongevityStealthDeath TouchMind TransferOmnilingualismTelepathy