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Even Summer

Seven's powers and abilities

The Purrr

The Purrr is a force that connects all feline lifeforms. If a life form dies, its soul will return to The Purrr realm, waiting for a new host to bond to.

Due to her mutation, Seven is part of the Purrr force. Through The Purrr she is mentally connected to other cats in her vicinity (roughly 2km radius)

She can use the senses of cats in range as her own. She can even take over the cats that are in close range (~ 30m). The closer the cats are, the better she can use their senses.


Seven's mutant genes allowed her to transform into a cat. She can stay in her cat-form as long as she wants without effort.

In both forms she's is also able to change her hair and eye color and minimal transformations to her body.


Her cat-form was always the same size, but she sometimes unwillingly transformed back to a taller or shorter version of herself. The size difference could be as much as 30 cm in height. She buys clothes in different sizes, so she always has something that would fit. Later she gained control over how tall she would be in human form. She could change from 1.55 to 2.10 m.

Danger Sense

She can sense danger through other cats within range.

Enhanced Cattributes

She has enhanced sight, smell, hearing and reflexes. She has them in both cat and human form and are superior to any other cat species.

Enhanced Durability

She has very dense bones that are almost impossible to break. Her feet and hands can absorb great amounts of kinetic energy and are invulnerable to any harm.

She's able to jump from great heights without any harm. The rest of her body can be hurt just like any other cat or human. She does have a slightly enhanced healing factor.

Indestructible Claws

Part of her invulnerable hands and feet (or paws) are her sharp nails / claws. They can easily cut through 1 inch thick metal.


As a cat she can somewhat mesmerise people with her cuteness, distracting them from their surroundings. She‚??s particularly adorable as a kitten.