Even Summer

Seven's History

Early Life...

Even grew up with just her father. Her mother disappeared when Even was three years old and had never been found.

When Even was eight years old, her best friend was killed by three stray dogs while playing in the park. Even was devastated by the loss of her friend. She wouldn't leave her room for weeks. To somewhat fill the empty place, Even's father bought her a kitten for her ninth birthday. Even and her cat Jimmy became best friends real quick. Jimmy followed her everywhere and they were inseparable.

The Incident - Five years later

One night, when her father was at work, someone broke into her home. Even heard noises downstairs and, having almost no fear, went to see what was going on. Jimmy quickly followed. When looking around the house the burglar grabbed Even and tried to kidnap her. Jimmy instinctively jumped at the burglar and started attacking him. With a face full of scratches and blood he jumped through a window and drove off. Jimmy was too much to handle.

Jimmy immediately ran to Even to see if she's alright. She was crying and breathing heavily. In the heat of the moment Jimmy had scratched Even in her neck, but nothing serious. But the excitement and adrenaline woke her dormant mutant gene. Some of Jimmy's DNA ended up in the bloodstream of Even and started fusing with her mutant DNA. She started feeling dizzy and went back to bed, already forgotten what had happened.

The next day she started noticing some changes. She could smell the bakery from a few blocks away. She could read the neighbours newspaper from her room. She felt more energetic than ever! A few days later she noticed that her reflexes and hearing were also better than before.

The big change

Six years have past since the incident. Even got really used to her enhanced senses and reflexes.

It's the 6th of July, one day before her 20th birthday. Even was running late picking up her birthday cake. She decided to take a shortcut. Having avoided the park ever since her friend died there, she decided it was time to face her fear; dogs. But shaving off a good 15 minutes of her trip to the bakery seemed like a good plan.

Halfway through the park she started feeling a tingling sensation in her nose. She never had that feeling before. It was a feeling of danger. She turned around and looked straight in the eyes of a big muscular angry growling dog. Her reflexes kicked in and started running. The dog, being a lot faster, was almost at biting range. Suddenly she saw some flashes, light changed, she felt wind over her whole body, birds flying away in fear and then distant barking.

What had happened? She opened her eyes. 'What,.. why am I in a tree?. . 'How did I get up here?. . As she saw the dog run off she noticed her clothes in the grass. In fear of her being naked she squeaked. 'Meowww... .

Chapter 2

Looking back at that day a month ago in the park, she softly laughs. How easy it is for her now, to transform back and forth from human to cat form.

Even had been working for Ron for over a year now. Ron had always looked out for Even, ever since his son Ivan died before her eyes. Being a private investigator he always has some extra work to be done. Her turning into a cat now is helping a lot with infiltration and reconnaissance missions. Even turned into the best assistant Ron had ever had.  They've solved a lot of cases together, though Ron doesn't know about her being a mutant. Together with Trevor, Ron's nephew working at the tech department, the three formed one of the best investigation teams in the city.

The Purrr

The Purrr is a force that connects all feline lifeforms. If a life form dies, its soul will return to The Purrr realm, waiting for a new host to bond to.

Due to her mutation, Seven is part of the Purr force. Through The Purrr she is mentally connected to other cats in her vicinity (roughly 2km radius)

She can use the senses of cats in range as her own. She can even take over the cats that are in close range (~ 30m). The closer the cats are, the better she can use their senses.


One early morning, too tired to walk to the front door, Even jumped through the back window near her desk. As she changed into human form, and wanted to get dressed, a shattering sound of a coffee mug hitting the floor broke the silent morning. Trevor was standing near the coffee machine, completely frozen from what he just witnessed. Not sure if she was more scared of Trevor seeing her without clothes or shapeshifting from a cat, she hid behind her desk. Trevor quickly did a 180 turn. 'I..I..didn't see anything. I mean, I did.. but,..I won't tell.. . Even had been working with Trevor for almost four years now. If someone had to find out her secret, Trevor was the best choice. They became good friends since Even started working for Ron. She explained what had happened to her. Partners in crime from now on.

To be continued