Reverse Flash (CW)

Reverse Flash (CW)

Eobard Thawne


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Reverse Flash (CW)'s equipment


Earpieces: On his suit's cowl, there are two lightning-bolt shaped earpieces, also similar to those on Barry Allen's Flash suit.

Gideon: Eobard uses Gideon, an advanced artificial intelligence created by Barry Allen, to aid him during his travels through time.

Reverse-Flash ring: Eobard owns a ring with a Reverse-Flash lightning-bolt symbol on it that can open secret rooms within S.T.A.R. Labs. He uses it to open up a wall that contains a mannequin which he uses to store his Reverse-Flash suit. Eobard is able to hold his entire costume in his ring, and shoot it out of the top, allowing him to change into it at super speed and always have it ready for wear.[13]

Reverse-Flash suit: Eobard wears a protective suit while acting as the Reverse-Flash, to hide his identity from his victims. It is similar to the Flash's future suit, but only reversing the colors (red to yellow, white to black).

Various future technologies: Eobard has several devices and gadgets from his time at his disposal. Some have been displayed and their functions have been shown, though there are those that are still unknown.

Appearance-stealing cord: This device has two cords that are connected to two organisms, corroding one while transferring that one's genetics (especially phenotypes) to the other, allowing the survivor to physically resemble the other in every way. Eobard used this to physically become Harrison Wells but also gained his victim's memories and love for Tess Morgan. After Flashpoint, Eobard modified this device (or an identical one) to be used without killing the person he uses it on, only causing the victim pain, and allowing him to revert to his normal appearance when he wishes so he is not trapped with any one appearance. Eobard used the modified device on Martin Stein and others during his quest for the Spear of Destiny. Eobard implies having used this to get Harrison Wells's appearance once again upon his return to Earth-One.

Biomolecular enhancer: Eobard gave this to the Nazis in 1942 as a bargaining chip in a trade with Adolf Hitler. It was used to mutate Baron Krieger into der Übermensch.[41] Ray Palmer modified Eobard's enhancer into a drug to cure Nate Heywood's hemophilia. As a result, Nate also received meta-human powers of identical to Tony Woodward's.[64]

Watch: Eobard has a futuristic watch which can indicate whenever Black Flash is near.

Retractable half-face mask: Eobard, as of re-appearing on Earth-X, wears a mask that only covers the large mouth hole on his Reverse-Flash suit, leaving the glowing-red eyes exposed.

Former equipment

Tachyon device: After his connection to the Speed Force began fluctuating, he stole this device from Mercury Labs, using it with the intentions to get faster and stabilize his fluctuating Speed Force connection for longer durations. However, once the effects of this device could no longer help him, he converted it into a Quantum splicer for Firestorm.

Wheelchair: After the particle accelerator exploded, Eobard pretended he became paralyzed in his legs to hide his identity from the team. In addition, a device was stored on the underside of the wheelchair that was charging his super speed which Cisco Ramon eventually discovers. After his identity was revealed to Team Flash, Eobard abandoned this wheelchair which is currently in S.T.A.R. Labs, although he temporarily used it again in S.T.A.R. Labs for unknown reasons after re-appearing on Earth-X.

Spear of Destiny: Eobard previously owned the Spear of Destiny, an ancient Biblical relic which was tainted by the blood of Jesus Christ, thus gaining tremendous reality warping divinely supernatural power. Sara Lance used the Spear's power to depower itself, thus rendering the Spear useless.

No equipment or weapons connected to Reverse Flash (CW)