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------------------Darkseid--------------------- ,,The gods don't give a damn about us,, ,,For the Unity, for Darkseid,, -------------------Thor----------------- ,,You know I’m 1500 years old. I’ve killed twice as many enemies . And every one of them would have rather killed me than not succeeded. I’m only alive because fate wants me alive. Thanos is just the latest of a long line of bastard, and he’ll be the latest to feel my vengeance. Fate wills it so.,, ,,Well, if I’m wrong, what more can I lose?,,

Original characters

DarkwingJames Grayson
Fire KnightEdward Blooman
Steel DoctorVictor Latveriason
Thunder GladiatorThorn Asburgson
Weapon-XXVJonathan Oster

Favourite characters

Ares (DCEU)Ares-
Captain AmericaSteve Rogers7
Darth VaderAnakin Skywalker11
DeathstrokeSlade Wilson10
Fire KnightEdward Blooman-
Ghost RiderJohnny Blaze9
Golden JaguarN'Jadaka-
HyperionMark Milton16
Iron FistDanny Rand8
Kylo RenBen Solo8
Lucifer MorningstarSamael85
Luke SkywalkerLuke Skywalker12
Man of Miracles171
Michael DemiurgosMichael Demiurgos-
Peter PetrelliPeter Petrelli6
Professor ZoomEobard Thawne10
Red HoodJason Todd6
The Fulcrum-
ThorThor Odinson30
Thor (MCU)Thor Odinson-
Wonder WomanDiana Prince17
Wonder Woman (DCEU)Diana Prince-

Favourite teams

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Favourite Team-Battles

Team Loki (MCU) -vs- Team Thor (MCU)
Team Thor -vs- Team Hulk
Team Groot (MCU) -vs- Team Corvus Glaive
Iceman and Iron Fist -vs- Jason Voorhees and Michael Myers
Iron Man (MCU) and Thor (MCU) -vs- Team Drax The Destroyer (MCU)
Iron Fist and Iron Man -vs- Killer Croc and Killer Frost
Team Thor (MCU) -vs- Team Abomination (MCU)
Team Superman (DCEU) -vs- Team Wonder Woman (DCEU)
Team Thor (MCU) -vs- Fire Knight
Team Ultron (MCU) -vs- Team Abomination (MCU)
Dr Manhattan -vs- Team Corvus Glaive
Captain Atom -vs- Team Corvus Glaive
Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw (MCU) -vs- Team Doctor Strange (MCU)
Hellboy and Deathstroke -vs- Red Hood and Deadpool
Team Hulk (MCU) -vs- Team Superman (DCEU)
Team Weapon XI -vs- Team Namor
Team Thanos (MCU) -vs- Team Doomsday (DCEU)
Dr Manhattan and Warlock -vs- Team Hulk (MCU)
Darth Vader and Darth Sidious -vs- Team Corvus Glaive
Team Iron Man (MCU) -vs- Team Captain America (MCU)
Team General Zod (DCEU) -vs- Team Abomination (MCU)
Team Mister Mxyzptlk -vs- Spectre
Watchmen -vs- Team Thor (MCU)
Team Doctor Fate -vs- Team Doctor Strange
Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet MCU) -vs- Team Deadpool (FOX)
Team Deadpool -vs- Team Hulk
Team Thor -vs- Team Darkseid (New 52)
Team Freddy Krueger -vs- Team Jason Voorhees
Team Death Of The Endless -vs- Thanos (Heart Of The Universe)
Team Golden Jaguar -vs- Team Batman (DCEU)
Team Apocalypse (FOX) -vs- Team Thor (MCU)
Team T-3000 -vs- Team Robocop
Team Darth Tenebrous -vs- Team Luke Skywalker
Count Dooku and Kylo Ren -vs- Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort
Ares (DCEU) and General Zod (DCEU) -vs- Abomination (MCU) and Hulk (MCU)
Team Abomination (MCU) -vs- Team Doomsday (DCEU)

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@Galactus Can I please re-update this character because his strength is lower, speed is very high and durability is higher than he has.
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This is his True Form
115 days ago
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Oh perfect, thank you so much
115 days ago
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Would you please order them from the most powerful to at least. Epecially you @LordTracer cause I think that you have very good knowledge about Star Wars
139 days ago
General Zod (DCEU)
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@Galactus, Can I update him please?
207 days ago
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I added Microscopis, Night and Thermal Vision
213 days ago
Team Battle
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Voted: Team Apocalypse (FOX)

Hard decision
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@Galactus, Can I also update him?
237 days ago
Golden Jaguar
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Doctor Doom was perfect villain for Fantastic Family😀😀 in first 2 movies
237 days ago
Golden Jaguar
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Only FOX Human Torch from old FF is here😁😁
Wonder Woman (DCEU)

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