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Nya Water Ninja

Nya Water Ninja



Nya Water Ninja's powers and abilities

When Nya became the Water Ninja, her fighting skills has increased. In Season 5, she unlocked the Elemental Power of Water, allowing her to perform hydrokinesis. She can create and control water and use it for offense and defense attacks. From Season 6 onward, Nya can perform Airjitzu, along with the other Ninja. Nya wields a Katana as her primary weapon and can also do hand-to-hand combat. Finally, Nya's Spinjitzu tornado (without being corrupted by Dark Matter) is now a dark blue/silver tornado, matching her element instead of the original crimson tornado. As of Season 8, Nya uses a Spear as her primary weapon.

In Season 11, she trained under Sorla who helped her master control over Ice.