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Richard Dracula


Original Character

This is a user created character (Original Character/OC).


Part of Prime Universe..... So he is the son of Dracula but he doesn't know who his mom is and has never really cared about that as a child his dad would force him to hone his powers and fighting skills to become an assassin for Transylvania and kill anyone and very one he had to. For a while he worked for his dad until Dracula gave Richard his sword Blood Slayer then Richard ran away from home his dad tracked him down for weeks but could do that for to long due to being weak to everything that a Vampire is weak to Dracula realized that Richard wasnt Weak to everything that a normal Vampire is weak to and he decided that he wpuld leave Richard alone and let him come back. But Richard decides to become an assassin for hire and do any job he needs to survive and that is how he makes his living now kill the most powerful people, heroes, or Villans that no one else can

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