Richard Dracula


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Nosferatu's Powers

The Magic he uses is a very dark form of magic which he can use to do just about anything he needs to, with his summoning powers he summons other Vampires or he can summon demon bats that will kill anyone he chooses, his sword is made from magic making it impossible to destroy unless it is reality warped of course, he can be killed but will never age his resurrection powers allow him to come back after death but he comes back at his weakest form and has to kill some people to regain all of his powers, His Summoning powers allow his to summon armys of Vampires, Undead, Giant bats, Hell Bats and Devil Salamanders . Energy Absorption allows him to absorb someones energy or anything with energy around him which will give him a a few minutes of extreme powers. Now because he is a Vampire his power will become 10times as powerful at night than in the day

Nosferatu's Weaknesses


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