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Most powerful weapons/poweritems.

Starter: Galactus

Category: General

What would be the most powerful weapon/item...
- one handed
- two handed
- clothing item (boots, belts, helmet, etc.)
- suit
- vehicle
You can make a top5 for each, or just name one. Any universe/publisher.
It doesn't have to be from the list in the link.

Link: https://www.superherodb.com/objects/


1+ years member.
one-handed - Infinity Gauntlet
two-handed - Megingjord
clothing item - Helmet Of Fate
suit - Hulkbuster Armor II
vehicle - Mobius Chair
One handed - soul edge
Two handed - BFG-9000
Clothing item - the crown that controls the golden army (hell boy 2)
Suit - berserk armor
Vehicle - the black pearl
1+ years member.
one handed- ultimate nullifier
two handed- sword of omens
clothing item- white lantern ring
suit- galactus buster
vehicle- magic school bus
2+ years member.
One handed - Gabriel Belmont's Dark Gauntlet (Castlevania: Lord of Shadow)
Two handed - Cole MacGrath's Amp (InFamous 2)
Clothing item - Bakura's Millenium Ring (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
Suit - Samus Aran's Power Suit (Metroid)
Vehicle - Dominic Toretto's cars (Fast & Furious)
One handed - elder wand
Two handed - blade of Olympus
Clothing item - doctor doom armor
Suit - golden fleece
Vehicle - jormungand the world serpent
One handed - mjolnir
Two handed - the saint of killers guns
Clothing item - crimson jem of cyttorak
Suit - the all black symbiote
Vehicle - eclipse class star destroyer
3+ years member.
• One Handed - Mjolnir
• Two Handed - Megingjord
• Clothing Item - Infinity Gauntlet
• Suit - Endosym Armour
• Vehicle - Skidbladnir
2+ years member.
One-handed- Infinity Gauntlet without a shadow of a doubt
Two handed- Spear of Destiny (I guess?)
Clothing Item- Helmet of Fate
Suit- IDK- Maybe Iron Man's Godkiller Armor or the Destroyer Armor???
Vehicle- Mobius Chair
2+ years member.
Honorable Mentions- Saint of Killer's Guns, All-Black the Necrosword, The Ultimate Nullifier, Mjolnir, Silver Surfer Surfboard
3+ years member.
one handed- White Lantern Ring
two handed- Spear of Destiny
clothing item- Helmet of Fate
suit- Zeus's Armor
vehicle- Mobius Chair
*overall the most powerful is the Miracle Machine
3+ years member.
Personal favorites:
one handed- Green Lantern Ring
two handed- Michael's Sword
clothing item- Helmet of Fate
suit- Blue Beetle's Scarab
vehicle- Batmobile
10+ years member.
How about the Delorean from Back to the Future...
1+ years member.
The most powerful item, undoubtedly, is Dunamis Demiurgos, but you can't really classify that as an item, rather as a spiritual existence. After that, it's Heart of the Universe. I'll just rank them:
1. Dunamis Demiurgos (Owner: Michael Demiurgos, Lucifer Morningstar and Elaine Belloc)
2. Heart of the Universe (Owner: Thanos)
3. Book of Destiny (Owner: Destiny of the Endless)
4. The Source (Owner: None)
5. Infinity Gauntlet (Owner: Thanos, Adam Warlock, Iron Man and various others)
6. Ultimate Nullifier (Owner: Galactus, Reed Richards)
7. Helmet of Nabu (Owner: Doctor Fate) / Eye of Agamotto (Owner: Doctor Strange)
9. Cosmic Cube (Owner: Thanos, Doctor Doom, Beyonder)
10. White Lantern Ring (Owner: Various)
2+ years member.
I would say the White Lantern Ring is stronger than the IG, since it's about seven times stronger than Parallax and Parallax > IG.
2+ years member.
IG Thanos > Phoenix Force > Parallax- With that being said. I completely agree with @sora's list except that White Lantern Ring should be above the Helmet of Nabu.
2+ years member.
One-Handed - Lantern Power Ring
Two-Handed - Star Saber/Dark Star Saber
Clothing Item - ???
Suit - K7-Leetha
Vehicle - Sun Crusher
10+ years member.
Clothing item, maybe Fate's Helmet?

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