John Corben

Prime DC Comics Universe

Metallo's powers and abilities

MechanokinesisAt one point, Metallo was able to control robotic technology based on his modified hardware and have it act independently of his body. By doing so, he was able to construct robotic drone soldiers which responded to his commands. He demonstrated this ability on at least two separate occasions: the first was when he attacked the Doom Patrol in Kansas City, and the second was when he mounted a raid against a Lexcorp facility on behalf of Brainiac. Another aspect of Metallo's Mechanokinesis is his ability to perform self-diagnostic checks. Microprocessors and numerous redundancy systems within his body prevent his form from suffering any major breakdowns that might cause damage to his brain. These functions operate automatically and does not require Metallo's conscious control to occur.Metallo can assimilate volumes of metal into his body in order to maintain a desired physical size.Metallo can morph his physical body into any form or shape that he desires. His only limitation is the quantity of mechanical mass available to him. One of Metallo's lesser abilities, he can emit subtle waves of Kryptonite radiation from his eyes, and he can expose his Kryptonite heart, allowing the ambient radiation to bleed out into the immediate vicinity.Metallo's brain is one of the few biological components left in his body, and as such, represents his only true vulnerability. So long as his brain is intact, Metallo will always be able to generate a new body for himself.