Prime Marvel Universe

Mandarin's weapons

The Mandarin wears ten rings of alien origin with a variety of different powers (the rings and their powers are listed below). The Mandarin has recently burned his power rings into his body along his spine.

Left Hand

Little Finger "Ice Blast" Ring
capable of emitting waves of energy cold enough to stun an opponent or lower a person or items temperature to nearly absolute zero.

Ring Finger "Mento-Intensifier" Ring
allows Mandarin to mentally dominate one or more people. This person or persons is under his control and he is able to communicate with them mentally.

Middle Finger "Electro-Blast" Ring
shoots high voltage electrical blasts, the intensity of which is determined by The Mandarin.

Index Finger "Flame Blast" Ring
releases heat and/or infrared radiation, the intensity of which is determined by The Mandarin.

Thumb "White Light" Ring
releases any energy which is found along the electromagnetic spectrum

Right Hand

Little Finger "Black Light" Ring
creates an area of darkness that absorbs all available light within the area.

Ring Finger "Disintegration Beam" Ring
releases a beam of energy that destroys the molecules of any object that it comes in contact with.

Middle Finger "Vortex Beam" Ring
releases supercharged air in the form of a vortex. This vortex can levitate persons or items, or propel the Mandarin through the air.

Index Finger "Impact Beam" Ring
releases destructive energy on the level of 350 pounds of dynamite.

Thumb "Matter Rearranger" Ring
Able to rearrange, speed up, or slow down the molecules and atoms of an object. Also able to teleport people or objects to and from the wearer (can even transport people or items to other dimensions).

The Mandarin briefly wore a force-field generator, but this is not part of his standard gear.

Mandarin's equipment

No equipment information available.
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