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John Jameson

Prime Marvel Universe

Man-Wolf's powers and abilities

John as Man-Wolf previously possessed superhuman strength, agility, speed, and stamina, as well as the heightened senses of a true wolf. Although his level of strength varied according to the amount of moonlight that filtered through Earth's atmosphere, at prime conditions during the three nights of the full moon, Man-Wolf could lift (press) about 4 tons. His half-human half-wolf form possessed the agility, speed, and stamina of a full wolf. His eyes were able to see partially into the infrared range, enabling him to see in the dark. His olfactory centers enabled him to track the spoor of his quarry across any terrain. His teeth and claws were hard and sharp enough to rend a variety of substances, such as wood, soft metals, and even cinderblock. His whole body's musculature was so durable that he was able to survive great falls and concussive blows with minimal injury, and fully recover from gunshot wounds within a month. Man-Wolf had no control over his transformations, assuming his lupine form for 12 hours, each of the three nights of the full moon. Not a true supernatural werewolf, the Man-Wolf was not subject to the conventional limitations of lycanthropy, such as a weakness for silver.