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4+ years member.
Voted: Human Torch

Human Torch will always win Iceman. If Iceman tried to freeze Human Torch, Human Torch will melt him into water and then he would say, "Don't you know fire can melt ice?"
4+ years member.
Voted: Catwoman

Black Cat will win because she is kind of like Spiderman. Spiderman wins over Batman, so... yeah.
4+ years member.
Voted: Hulk

Hulk wins every single fight.
4+ years member.
Voted: Batman

Batman would just use the batclaw and pull Boba Fett down and then beat him up.
4+ years member.
Voted: Hulk

Hulk would just break his shield while Captain America tries to block Hulk and then Hulk would just beat him up.
4+ years member.
Avengers vs JLA
Thor vs Superman: Superman because of his laser eyes and super strength
Hulk vs Wonder Woman: Hulk because he can break through her lasso
Iron Man vs Green Lantern: Iron Man because he would just shoot Green Lantern
Hawkeye vs Green Arrow: Hawkeye because he is more skilled with the arrows
Quicksilver vs The Flash: Quicksilver because he can take down Gorilla Grodd with 3 punches
Captain America vs Batman: Captain America because when Batman jumps and Captain throws the shield, it has his legs chopped off
Martian Manhunter vs Vision: Vision because of the power gem
Hawkman vs Falcon: Hawkman because of his mace
Scarlet Witch vs Zatanna: Scarlet Witch because of her pink blasts
Team Avengers win!
4+ years member.
Intellect: Thanos
Strength: Thanos
Speed: Doomsday
Durability: Doomsday
Power: Thanos
Combat: Thanos
Thanos all the way!
4+ years member.
3 years ago.
JLA VS. Avengers
4+ years member.
Well, Avengers will win but they won't fight Superman because if they find out that he is the strongest one in the JLA, all the Avengers but Hulk will leave him alone.
4+ years member.
Intellect: Batman
Physical: Batman
Speed: Batman
Durability: Batman
Combat: Batman
Batman always wins.

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