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Lionman's Powers

Superhuman Strength

In his human form he is above the standard peak human being, because of his consumption of the very unknown ultimate elixir, he is able to punch or kick through walls or trees, in his Tonormium armour his striking strength and durability rises much higher placing him at small building levels of destructive power.

As the Lionman he was able to hold together the Indo-Australian Plate and the Pacific plate together, the plates were moved by Exodius, he had to not only overpower Exodius, but also pull the plates back together, Exodius moved the plates with his telekinetic abilities, which he was suppressed when he performed this feat, his full extent of his telekinetic powers are unknown, which means that this feat is very hard to calculate as Lionman wasn't just overpowering the weight of the Indo Australian Plate and the Pacific plate, but also Exodius' telekinetic ability, this for for quite a while too, the safest assumption is to say this was a planetary level feat.

Lionman harnessing his full power when enraged or not worrying about environmental destruction becomes a Star destroyer at minimum, able to easily destroy stars, he tanked a Solar Flare and Comet shower in a fight against the cosmic villain, Nebulous, however he was defeated by Nebulous shortly after, still an incredible feat providing that Nebulous has the power to destroy Multiple Solar Systems at once in his first form.

When he is pushed too far in battles his human mind and grip of control on his powers simply breaks, he transforms into his primal state, animalistic in form and appearance, he has no control over what he does, however one of the pros of this state is his power multiplies exponetially making him a dangerous force to be reckoned with, in this state he is considered to be Solar System destroyer.

Superhuman Speed

In his base state, Daniel possesses a low level of superhuman speed, able to run at 200 kmph, due to the Ultimate Elixir enhancements, he can move up to 10 times faster than sound while wearing his armour due to rocket enhanced boots.

In his Lionman form he is able to travel at thousands of times faster than sound via rocket boosters in his armoured boots, without time he can move at Mach 10,000 and think and process thoughts at just that speed, but with time to build speed up he has reached MACH 224,250 when he jumped to the moon in 4 seconds to fight Exodius, however, he could get faster with further forms.

Healing Factor

Lionman can regenerate wounds and broken bones in a very short time, almost instantly, however, he cannot regrow limbs or organs, he'd need outside help for that.

Superhuman Agility

Lionman can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with little effort.

Light Mind Control Resistance

Lionman cannot be put down by stranded telepaths nor controlled, as his mind is too advanced as it manages to be primal and savage, but at the same time a fighting genius.

Claw Retraction

Lionman is able to retract claws from the fingers of his hands, sharp enough to cut through beings who have similar level's of durability to The Lionman, as shown when he claws beings like Bengal Tiger or Morganeth who have almost the same durability levels as him or higher.

Fighting Skill

Daniel even as a young child was trained to be one of the best hand to hand combats, on the Earth, through time and training, he has become on the upper echelon of fighters in the Omega Reality.

He is adept at Kung Fu, Wing Chun, Karate, Kenjutsu, and Raion No Michi which is the way of the Lion

He also has knowledge of Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, Kali, Boxing, Board Sword Fighting, Kendo, Tae-Kwon-Do, Fencing, Krav Maga, Jeet Kune Do and Professional Wrestling

Super Human Senses

Not only does Lionman posses super human hearing, able to hear across a 10 kilometer radius, he also has Parabolic Hearing, which means he can cancel out any sound he wants to focus on a single sound or more.

Lionman can detect specific persons, objects, substances or even places, locate their origin and track targets with nothing but his nose.

Lionman can see in the entire Electromagnetic spectrum, meaning he can detect Microwaves, Radio waves, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Gamma Rays, you name it.

Communication with Animals

Due to Lionman's animal attributes and his influence towards them, more specifically big cats and indeed, Lions he can communicate and speak to them, even going as far to aid or assist him in battle, although he can do the same to all animals, it's to a lower extent.

Superhuman Stamina

Lionman can fight for days to weeks on end without showing fatigue or tire, for instance when he was captured by Dr Regal and was force to fight battalions of beings similar to him, or when e withstood assaults from Nebulon, Morganeth and when he beat Exodius, the most impressive stamina feat for Lionman is when he fought Petrinos for one week in a trial of combat, Petrinos is the son of Ares and Athena, and is more powerful than both of them as he is able to empower him further via the God Stone that covers his body when he calls on Gaia, Lionman defeated him and recruited him to the Beta team of the Omega Force.

Superhuman Leaping

Lionman due to his extremely powerful leg muscles, he is able to bound at incredibly high speeds and distances to create the illusion that he is flying, due to his superhuman agility, he can also change direction easily without loosing momentum.

Primal State Stage 1

Through extensive rage, stress or pain, the Lionman loses the grip of his human control, becoming more animalistic, loses rationality, but increases instinct, this form multiplies his attack, speed and durability by a one hundred fold, visible changes are eyes become red, mane grows in length, claws grow, legs become more arched and muscular like a Lion's, he now stands at twelve feet tall, his healing factor can now heal organs and limbs, in this state he can destroy Solar systems and move just over the 20 times the speed of light.

Primal State Stage 2

The second state of Lionman's primal form, where he is stronger, faster and more durable by a further 100,000 fold, growing into a 20 foot tall monster, he's senses are also drastically increased, he gains an even longer mane and claws, longer jaw and teeth, he develops stripes and spots onto his body, at this state he is able to destroy an excess of a Galaxy moving two thousand times faster than light.

Primal State Stage 3

The third Primal state of Lionman's transformations, where he's bones actually thicken creating an outside endo skeleton, his mane is now as long as his waist from the back, and down his chest from the front, he's frame is massive, he's stripes are larger and more sporadic, same with his spots, he has a massive jaw and fangs, even grown tusks, his height is 35 feet tall, he has the ability in this fold to destroy a Universe, in this state he is almost fully a beast, only able to perform two word utterances at best, generally only one word utterances, he can now move at a hundred thousand times faster than light

Primal State Stage 4

Primal State Stage 4

The most powerful of all his forms, this form takes the appearance of a chimera, a massive Lion/Scorpian like tail, fully armored, Lionman's fur is fully armored with his black and dark grey bone protrusions, he has developed Dragon Wings huge horns on top of his forehead, standing at 50 feet tall, completely savage, unable to create rational fought, the extent of his verbal communication is maybe 5 words, Die, Kill, Rip, Head, Off, he has the ability of destroying small Multiverses and moving 500 million times faster than light.

Controlled Primal State

In this form Lionman regains his mentality back, instead of being fully fueled by rage and instinct, he becomes heavily armored, with the power close to a God, in this state he has cinders rising from his body, with smoke ejecting, his tattoos glow a red hue as well as his eyes, he can project weapons made out of energy and project them into enemies, he can create energy wings as well in this form he can destroy larger multiverses and move 10 billion times faster than light.

Lion Roar

This is the big one, this attack is one of Lionman's most destructive attacks, mainly because of it's versatility, it can create a massive sound wave either from the front of omnidirectionally, it can cancel out energy and physical attacks, it can deafen the enemy, it can render enemies unconscious, it can exert a high level of destructive force and can even be potentially solar systems levels of destructive power or higher if he used it at his full power, hence why Lionman doesn't use it all that often, the Lion Roar is equivilent to ten punches of each forms he is in, for example, if Lionman used the Lion Roar in his fourth stage, he could destroy 100 universes.

Lionman's Weaknesses


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