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Lightning Lad

Lightning Lad

Garth Ranzz

Prime DC Comics Universe

Lightning Lad's powers and abilities

Electrical Generation: Lightning Lad has the power to generate even greater voltage than the lightning creatures. He controls his energy by sending oppositely charged ions down his arms to his hands. Like the positive and negative poles of a battery, the resulting electric field causes lightning bolts to shoot forth from his fingertips to the target he is aiming at. Once, when he lost control of his super-power, the lightning bolts crashed out of his upper body. Electrical Manipulation: Lightning Lad has the ability to manipulate electrical energy, which is often referred as "lightning". Lightning Lad can use his power destructively, to short-circuit electrical items, split boulders, destroy spaceships, burn objects with precision or shatter walls. He can also reduce the force of his bolts so that they will only stun a person or creature. He can send his electricity through conductive metals. The more powerful his bolts, the louder the thunder-noise they make, especially if they are directed skyward.



Intelligence120 IQ
Strength200 kg • 441 lb
Speed18 m/s

Super Powers

Electricity AbsorptionElectricity ResistanceElectrokinesisEnergy BlastsFlight