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Lightning Lad

Lightning Lad

Garth Ranzz

Prime DC Comics Universe

Lightning Lad's History

When Garth, Ayla and Mekt crashlanded their spaceship on the planet Korbal, Ayla suggested that they cuold use the local lightning beasts to recharce the batteries of the ship. They were unsuccessful, and they were attacked by the beasts. The beasts caused the siblings to gain electrical powers. Garth was later at the founding of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Lightning Lad is considered the Legion's ID. He has a relationship with Saturn Girl and is the best friend of Cosmic Boy.

Of all of the Legionnaires, Lightning Lad's logged in the least amount of time on Earth. Garth says that he prefers to explore, but the other Legionnires feel that he's searching for something. After the Zero-Some encounter (an undocumented case), Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad took a break to Rimworld where they were among the first to encounter Terror Firma. The Terror Firma and Lemnos were defeated later, and then Cosmic Boy took leave to be with his family on Braal and appointed Garth as acting leader. Lightning Lad has made a deal with Saturn Girl's mother, Delegate Ardeen, to make the Legion an autonomous branch of Earthgov with rights and privileges equal to the Science Police.

Garth and his sister Ayla were recently reunited with their older brother Mekt during the Dominator War.