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Karnak Mander-Azur

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Karnak's powers and abilities

Karnak is an Inhuman who achieved his genetic potential upon undergoing Terrigenesis, gaining superhuman powers.

Accelerated Probability

Karnak's gift is the ability to instantly see multiple scenarios in his mind allowing him to see the weaknesses and strengths of everything and everyone around him. He is also able to use his powers to identify certain things for him such as the cardinal points and his blood on the ground. After suffering a head injury from a fall, Karnak started having trouble with his abilities. He harnesses this ability during combat to determine his strategy by analyzing his enemy's weak points. Combined with his formidable intelligence, Karnak could actually mentally visualize probable events and occurrences, by cause-and-effect, accurately in a virtually precognitive manner.

Enhanced Durability

Karnak has greater durability than normal humans as he was able to survive a fall from the side of a cliff with only a minor head injury. He was also able to deflect and slice a bullet with his bare hand without suffering any injury. On another occasion, he was able to deflect an energy blast with a kick.


Master Martial Artist

Karnak has shown to be a very capable fighter such as when he fended off multiple armed guards with his bare hands. His unmatched fighting skills is supported by the fact that he can play out different scenarios, until he is victorious. Medusa described Karnak as Attilan's greatest fighter even when not at full force.

Master Tactician

Karnak is Black Bolt's most ardent supporter and strategist and is often seen as the royal family's planner and philosopher, due to being able to foresee the future from a few days to the end of time and its outcome. Upon learning of Maximus' coup with the Attilan Royal Guard backing him, Karnak realized that the best course action was for the Royal Family to relocate themselves to Earth, recommending Gorgon (who was already there) to stay where he was while he arranges for Crystal to have Lockjaw send the other members of royalty down to the planet.

Staff Mastery

Karnak is able to effectively use a bamboo staff to disarm and fight Tua's men. Even when the staff was broken into half, he could use it as batons.

Expert Physician

Karnak has a sufficient knowledge of the Human and Inhuman bodies. He was able to block the pain nerves of Jen, and remove a bullet fragment from her without any surgical intervention.