Karnak Mander-Azur

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Karnak's History

Karnak Mander-Azur is the trusted and loyal advisor/family member of the Inhuman Royal Family. Following Maximus' coup, Karnak was forced to flee to Earth, where he suffered a heavy trauma that greatly affected his powers. After meeting a group of marijuana dealers, Karnak slowly recovered until he was able to flee from Reno and ultimately reunited with the rest of the Royal Family.

Karnak was devastated by the death of his cousin Gorgon, who sacrificed himself during a fight with Maximus' forces. Upon returning to the Moon, Karnak sought a way of reviving him and ultimately succeeded by making Gorgon undergo a second Terrigenesis with the help of Auran's blood. As the city of Attilan was destroyed following Maximus' actions, Karnak joined the rest of the Inhumans and went to Earth one more time, preparing for a new life on the planet their ancestors had left.