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This allows him to manipulate the souls of the gods. The Nekrosword becomes more powerful the more gods the user kills. So far, it is multiversal+ levels in power. He is bonded to the Nekrosword, and only great magic or superior entities can break the bond. Either way, the Nekrosword can cut through anything, bring back the dead, manipulate souls, and allows the user to become more powerful in general. You must have all the fundamental forces of the universe in your grasp in order to fully take down Gorgon with the Nekrosword. It can shake the multiverse and cut a dimension's string and separate from the plane of existence. The Nekrosword can also summon energy blasts and constructs and fully take any form the user wants it to as is seen when Gorgon turns it into a glove to punch an opponent and let them have the full force of the Nekrosword. The Nekrosword allows him to bring opponents back to life and even defy the laws of physics. It also grants him resistance to a lot of soul manipulation attacks. It even granted him the power to take out Enduino by forcing him into a physical body and then knocking him out.



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