Gate Keeper

Emily Hilton/Odinson


Original Character

This is a user created character (Original Character/OC).


Part of Prime Universe... Emily and her brother Thomas were a baby when they came out of Asgard she was given to the Hilton's in New York City where they grew up as she grew her Magic powers started to develop and when she learned she is Asgardian she started learing how to use her powers after she became a master with her powers Odin sent down her StaffKey which is an extremely powerful weapon that is unbreakable it was created by all of the best Magicians in Asgard and now she protects the world with her powers. She is the Daughter of Odin and Enchantress but Odin took Emily and Thomas away from Enchantress as a baby and sent them to earth so they wouldnt be corrupted by their Mother.

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