Gate Keeper

Gate Keeper

Emily Hilton/Odinson


Gate Keeper's weapons

StaffKey is an Asgardian weapon forged by Dwarven Blacksmiths then enchanced by The most powerful Sorcerer in Asgard and anyone who possess the StaffKey will have Extreme powers enough to destroy Universes. it allows here to open a "Gate" into Magical worlds that gives her Weapons, Armor, Armys, pretty much whatever she wants and he has one place where she can release The Reaper of Souls who she cannot control he will kill anyone or anything except her. But she doesnt have to use the StaffKey to wield her Magic it just opens a "Gate". Gate Keeper also carries mini "Keys" that when they hit somthing they will open a random "Gate" that will allow somthing to happen but she doesnt know what will happen

Weapons she has

The Devils Tail which is a whip that burns at hot as Hell and it can be as long as she needs it

Knives of Earth, Daggers made of magical dirt that allows them to reform after being destroyed

Sword of the Deep, a Sword from the deepest part of the ocean said to be more powerful that Posidens Trident

Fans of Wind, Fans that control the winds themselves they are made of a light metal alloy but it is unknown what it is

Axe of Lightning, an Axe that conduct electricity and can even call on storms they produce 40 million gigawatts of electricity

Gate Keeper's equipment

She wears a little bit of armor on her arms and legs that were forged by Dwarven Blacksmiths to come to her by calling for it

No equipment or weapons connected to Gate Keeper