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Latest comments

Voted: Superman

This would last as long as it took Superman to realize his heat vision is the bast way to deal with Threat
Voted: T-1000

T 1000 will just keep reattach parts and hurt wolverine bad enough it would take to long to heal and in that time lock him away
Voted: Hulk

Guided by Banner's intelligence Hulk would win. Even without intelligence T 1000 has no way to deal with hulk
Voted: Iceman

One of two ways to deal with extreme cold or extreme heat. Iceman wins
Voted: T-1000

Without prep Batman does not have a way to deal with the t1000 abilities and durability. If prep time Batman would easily come up with a way to deal with.
Voted: Superman

The only way Ultron wins is with prep time but without Superman takes this
Voted: Doctor Doom

While Doom's armor is metal he would just simply use magic to negate Magneto's power
Voted: Doctor Doom

Dr Doom is the 2nd most powerful sorcerer in marvel right behind Dr Strange as well as a Genius without prep he wins this most times with prep he wins every time
Voted: Thor

Thor fights Silver Surfer to stand still he has held his own for a time against Galactus. His magical capabilities or all at or neat cosmic levels and he has been fighting for centuries. Look I love Superman way better character then Thor but I to fan influences out and only looked at abilities. I do believe this could go either way fight is very very close but Thor would win. However I do also see your reasoning for Superman
Voted: Sentry

Sentry can manipulate any matter including flesh bone etc. on a molecular level. By permantly destroying all Doomsday's molecule.