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Who is your best friend on this site? This is something similar to @Suspect666's Favorite Users but your number one fave user. Top 5 at most please .


1. AkhilPDX
2. SoulCollector57
3. TheNemianLion
4. DarkProdigy
5. EmptyClammyHand
6. LordTracer
7. Bane333/Marvel500
8. Creature99
9. Dark_Wing
10. Creature99
Former friends that have left the site/ Not as active
2. SideBarTwist
3. Swarm
4. Batsheet
5. Hawkinz
Wow can't believe I maid top 50
Lol πŸ˜‚ thx @mop
I just realized I put @Creature99. Meant to put @Remy94
Both of you are welcomed. Mop is dae way. Mop is...LIFE!
Thx for putting me on your list.
What did he do???
Dang cap lock.
@Emptyhand you are the user of the month.
@Soul was Jan, @Akhil was Feb and you are Mar
You've been very active and funny since Feb. You are awesome bro
@Mop Thx <3 u too
Im going to try my best to be April.

You have some pretty tough competitors.
Hard to believe its April almost. 1/3 of the year already gone.
IKR time flys, already past he the quarter of the year.
Yet when you're waiting in line 15 minutes feels like 2 hours
Anything when it's not a fun activity feels 50X longer
These are who I think are the nicest to me on the site:
1) @AkhilPDX
2) @Soulcollector34
3) @MOP
4) @Jongesoden
5) @DarkProdigy
5) @Dark_Wing
Sorry if I haven't been nice to you on this website, please forgive me 😁
Thanks buddy
It's not like you have been mean to me it's just i have not talked to you much. But you seem nice.
Thx @cw

My list (updated)

#1 @jongensoden
#2 @emptyhand
#3 @darkwing / @cw6334
#4 @akhilPXD
#5 @manofpower

Honorable mentions:
@nemian @lordtracer
1+ years member.
I'm gonna get a little Detroit Become Human on y'all
"I don't really have friends as such but I'd like to"
But as far as people I feel like I'd want to know more after the last few days.
1. @LordTracer
2. @ManofPower
3. @Jongensoden
4. @Bane333
5. @sora
Honorable Mentions: @nemianlion, and @ahkil
1+ years member.
bane333 plaidcoolflyer silverstream sirspidey manofpower
#1 @jongensoden best friend talk every day
#2 @emetyhand best friend talk every day
#3 @darwing
#4 @akhilPXD
#5 @manofpower
we don't talk much,
but I consider him a friend.
Hey whenever you want to talk when I'm online I'll talk. Thanks for this honor
Thx, will do.
1+ years member.
thank you very much
Np, πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ like like me πŸ₯°
Lol πŸ˜‚ ya you've been mean to me in the past, but I've learned in the real world how to dill with stuff in the past that made you angry believe me. So yahπŸ‘
I'm glad you're not still mad at me
Or am I 😈 and been planning my revenge
Mhu ha ha ha ha ha
Lol πŸ˜‚ jk
Thanl you @Bane333
1+ years member.
bane333 plaidcoolflyer silverstream sirspidey manofpower
Thanks @Jon
And @Lordtracer
Also @AkhilPDX
2+ years member.
Yeah. We just became amazing friends 😀
2+ years member.
@ManofPower, @soratoumiga, @soulcollecter57, @NemianLion (sometimes)
2+ years member.

But that was 4 though XD
2+ years member.
@ManOfPower and @TheNemianLion
2+ years member.
Thanks Dell!
Thanks Deli!
2+ years member.
Who aren't my friends; Andreas, Heep, Spino (He bullies me), Jak, and a few others.
1+ years member.
heep is propably banned
2+ years member.
Lil'Wayne, Myles Frecknenenn, Silas Carmack, Soratoumiga, Soul, Fearless leader; Ga-lactoise-intollerant, Batshit, IMABATMAN, Dan, Noah, other Dan, Aurrcia;skkHILLPDX.
2+ years member.
Swarm, Suspect, Tracer, Jon, Ultron.
2+ years member.
And Dellmany
Watch it Marshal XD
2+ years member.
Sorry Lil homie.
Lil'Homie? Dude I'm like 6'' taller than you
1+ years member.
I can't give a Top 5 so I'll just mention some people
@IMABATMAN42 @TheNemianLion @ManofPower @Dan_Tha_Man @batsheet @LordTracer @noahkolander (Don't even know if Noah is on the site lol) @ElectroSpino and some other people I forgot sorry
1. @SoulCollector57
He is just a amazing person . He is kind and isn't afraid to speak his mind .
2. @TheNemianLion
This guy does not fail at making me and other users laugh . And he is very respectful towards authority
3. @DarkProdigy
He is another dude that is just plain cool . He and me were friends the first month I joined
4. @LordTracer
Me and his friendship are somewhat different . We don't talk as much as others but we have high respect for each other
5. @AkhilPDX
He is AWESOME . He is currently helping me with Death Battles and I just think he is plain cool.
2+ years member.
Lol, I'm not on Discord! XD

I am respectful to your mother though, she's such a kind hearted sweetheart, oh, and tell her that I hope she had a great week!
She said she hope you had a good week and stay out of trouble

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