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The is will be about oc characters writing styles and more you can love this post or hate it but this forum will be going of the issues with OC characters and the problems on the sight
Ps it's opinions


i have my reasons
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What are those reasons fam?
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I agree in the sense that recolours are bad for the core of a character, and serves an injustice to these characters, and following other writing styles limits the writers to the writers they are mimicking, but you see, you're worried about the writing of my characters making them don't feel consistent with the real world due to Lionman sharing my real life name, with is actually counterproductive my friend, because you see, The Omega Reality is heavily based on the real world, far more than say DC or Marvel are, there are real people in the Omega Reality just turned into comic book characters, for example, guys like Alexander the Great and Caesar are Evolutionary Humans of ancient times, which explains there amazing victories of conquest.

And then we come to Lionman, who is based on me, if I was in the Omega Reality, the Lionman character is just a version of myself who has adapted to the environment he's into in terms of personality, morality, etc, what you need to remember is The Omega Reality is vastly more intuned with real life than any other comic book company that is out there, and that's part of the reason I think the Omega Reality is so cool, because it's doing something that no other company has done, and what you are pleading for, more of a relatability to the real world.
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Now addressing the five different characters with Daniel Howe, let's get to them, The first is Lionman, obviously, the next two are Eviscerator and Pyro Lion, now the tricky thing here is, SHDB doesn't have a very good variation system, so they had to be added as separate characters, even though Pyro Lion is just Lionman with Leonus bestowing a portion of his powers onto Lionman and Eviscerator being an evil Lionman from another timeline, now, there is Daniel Howe, which is a base form version of Lionman made to debate with lower tier fighters, I would have also put him in the variation section of a character, however there really isn't one, Daniel Howe (OC High) Was a variation made for a roleplay, and the Real Life version is just me being a bit silly and adding myself to the database, ahaha.
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And yes, having a character with an icon of Gal Gadot is pretty lazy.
I'll take that answer nemian
Every one oc characters are **** on this site no good writing anymore
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Bro, what are you talking about? Please explain how Lionman has bad writing.
Nemian in today society you and "other people" trying not to hurt your feelings and anyone's feelings is Oc characters to me are a big problem in today writing you your real name on five different characters some of them binging you others being you pic pyro or normal lion man.
The biggest one on here who I looked at the most was lord tracer he following the way of dragon ball style writing which to me is terrible writing your and his characters aren't bad they just don't feel original to the real world.
One of the oc characters on named "fusion" is a pic of gal gadot with just a different name.
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Okay, you must not have been paying attention when I said that. I only used the logic of Dragon absolutely WHEN IT CAME TO CHARACTERS TRAINING, THAT IS IT.
Again lord still poorly written
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And how exactly is it poorly written? Honestly, it just seems like you want to complain about something.
Because your useing an anime for training adding power ups to story is pretty lazy and takes away from the core values of the character I came up with backs for a few of your characters that made them adit better to make feel more appropriate to the audience
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Training isn't a power-up, what? It makes you stronger, that's how it works irl. And no, making a character stronger doesn't take away from their core values. Again, it just seems like you want to complain for no reason.
Hey how's this for a saying

OC'S are a disease and I'm the cure

Lol 😂

@Galactus is the real cure.
OCs are a disease that so desperately needs to be cured I'll explain later but right now I'm going to bed
Ps good night I'm about to hit the hey as well
It's 10:41 pm here @Galactus gets on around
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I thought you said you liked Lionman
I do like lionman and star storms.
The biggest problem with OC's is that we can only make 7, so I have to ******* make an alt and wait 16 days in order to make more OC's >:C
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The real problem is that users create copyrighted OCs. That's the reason for the limitations. And to prevent users from just creating a bunch of alt accounts and adding multiple OCs right away, there is a delay on creating OCs.
It's not just there to annoy you.
Thanks you galactus that a very good reason the other part is writing style due to today's writing most Oc characters have the potential to be great characters but in to world people have no good writing any more.
To relay what I said is this I respect everyone on this site and there OC characters the problem is this everyone on this site loves to debate and we all love our OC Characters but after looking them up you give the fake comic issue and your characters are just copy and pasted or photoshopped character just painted over to make it your character.
The other issue is with OC characters don't have very good story's or backstory s the reason behind is in today world most comic writers can't write good story's no more marvel has gone full sjw,feminism rather that writing good story's there trying to beat D.C. Which they are in movies but not in comics they need a reboot and a big one.
D.C. On the other hand has good writing not the best or worst but they won't make good comics anymore they taken a dark turn a very dark turn but the still write good story'
@Crimson what about Lionman or Star Storms? Both well thought out characters
So did I but I don't put them on this site I respect there characters but since the writing style today is for trash marvel has to have reboot and D.C. Is taking a dark turn the problem with is character is that there not original any more it's more copy and paste or change color but since I respect everyone there a saying in people's head that click like a light bulb it's "my characters my rules".
Yeah yeah I know my spelling sucks I trying to work on it
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I have a feeling, this forum is gonna be locked by @Galactus, last time I was right.
You right everything is wrong with them
But how does she fight it her depression and don't use DB rules for training Even though I hate saying this dragonball is copy and paste of the DC universe from the way it's written
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Several ways. First, she realizes that her depression is bringing more sadness to her family on top of her mother's death (the original cause of her depression). Second, her failed suicide attempt (which is what gives her powers) helps her realize that she needs help. Third, her mentor Primus tries to help her get over it.
So the death of her mother causes her depression so try's to kill herself which gives her her powers and primus helps her fight fight that so poorly written that D.C. Or marvel won't even take it. 1 don't make the death of her mother the main issue add more stuff to like she afraid it might happen to her daughter ,husband ,or any other person she cares about. Second her gaining super powers from suside is dume as hell make the powers seem more as gift from her mother as if she saying you have these powers to go don't let my death be your only problem.
Third: do you know batman which every knows his get shot in the ally way he becomes batman not. Just off is parents death but to make sure no 8 year old boy or girl can go with out parents hints the reason he cares for his side kicks,dick,Jason,Tim and the rest of that bat family he cares for there safety.
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Okay, don't try to tell me how to change my character without even knowing how the story goes.
1. The death of her mother is the only thing at that point that would cause her depression. And this happens when she's only 13, so she doesn't have a husband or daughter at this point.
2. It's not exclusively because she tries to kill herself, boy, that's just the initial cause. And considering that her mother's powers were HEALING, she can't give energy manipulation, so no. The reason her suicide attempt gives her powers is because she tests a machine that's purpose is to fuse a human with energy (the basis of her powers) on herself, and because her death was prevented by a cosmic abstract who wanted to use her.
3. Your grammar is basically illegible, I can't even tell what you're trying to get across there.
I'm not going to tell you how to change your character but now that know your characters back story is out is now I can take it seriously I have me own but I don't them on this site.
I like the Oc feature but some people make copyrighted characters so @Galactucus put a limit.
To address the first issue some people not all some people have every bad writing styles for example lordtracer I like your character I think there great put writing style by adding DB rules is terrible writing why because your not address the problems they for example your character hearthstone is a great character but you just add power boost to take care of depression rather than addressing the problem you ignored by giving her power boost be more human than be hero .
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Okay, so you clearly don't understand what I meant when I brought that up. She does not get over her depression because she becomes stronger. She gets stronger after she gets over her depression. It's the other way around. Also, I only use DB rules when it comes to training, because several of my characters have a massive well of potential to draw from, such as Heartstone having access to all energy in creation, Lord Devastator being a Titan, a species with an adaptive power level and easily adapt, etc.
This is serious talk here I'm not going to be hateing on anyone OC characters I respect everyone's characters and how they write them but this issue is about Oc characters and the writing style people are useing today .

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